My First Time

by Anonymous

I didn't start jerking off until I was 11 years old when me and a friend was standing next to each other pissing in the woods and he told me he knew how to make it bigger, i asked how and he started pulling on his dick he started getting bigger.

So I started pulling on mine after we both came we went home when I got home my aunt that always watched me at night was already there so I decided to go into my room to jerk off again.

After turning 18, one day I took off all my clothes and stood by my bed and started pulling on my dick it got hard fast just as I'm getting into it my aunt walks in and see me completely naked stroking my hard dick i stopped stroking when she walked in thinking I was in trouble but instead she said she wanted to measure it because I was really big for 18 year old.

So my aunt got on her hands and knees and measured my dick i measured 6 inches long and 4 inches around I hear my aunt say wow then her mouth was on my dick i quickly came inside her mouth even after cumming in my aunts mouth I was still hard.

So she pulled off my pants then her pants then laid on my bed and spread her legs and started rubbing her pussy she looked at me and said let me teach you how to use that big dick.

So I walked over climbed on top of my aunt, she helped put my dick in her wet hot pussy I came as soon as i got in, my aunt decided it be better for her to ride my dick i layer back and my aunt straddled over me reached back and grabbed my cock and slowly slide down my hard cock.

I came instantly my aunt rode my young cock hard until she came we fucked often over the years my dick grew fast bit stopped when I turned 19 I ended up with a nice 10.5 long and 8 in around, my aunt couldn't get enough.

She would watch when I started Fucking my sisters all 4 of them I started having sister orgies, they craved my long thick cock I got it started with my oldest sister because she was 22.

So I set it up for her to catch me jerking off and she did, all she could say is that is really huge so I asked her if she wanted to feel it inside her she quickly pulled her pants down around her ankles and bent over the dresser.

I walked up behind my oldest sister and slowly fed all 10 inches she moaned and told me to not cum inside her but after I got long stroking my long fat cock I couldn't stop and filled my sisters pussy with cum.

My other 2 older sisters were 20 and 21 they shared a room so I just walked in their room naked with a hard on and asked if they thought they could handle all this dick they took turns riding my dick i came inside both of them too.

I was uncertain about my youngest sister she was 18 and my huge cock hurt my other 3 older sisters but I walked in her room one night just to jerk off to her but she was awake she threw off her blanket and said I was wondering if I was gonna get what our sisters got.

She had seen me fuck our sisters and decided she wanted to try my huge cock she was completely naked no tits or hair on her pussy but I climbed on top of my 18 year old sister and fucked her for over an hour.

She didn't want to stop I came in her 5 times before we stopped we got to a point were I was Fucking my sisters so much we just started Fucking all together 25 Years later.

I still Fuck my aunt and all 4 sisters I've also have fucked 5 cousins and 2 of my nieces, and they were all 18 years of age.

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