My First Time With Slave

by Buck Naked (SC)

I met this interesting girl online we began talking about different things and then started talking about BDSM even though I wasn't quite sure it's what I really wanted to do I began doing research and learned a lot..

We hadn't really planned on meeting because of the age difference her being just 18 at the time but her birthday was only a few weeks away she told me she really wasn't interested in older guys but had a plan that really turned her on.

She went on to explain that from talking she really trusted me and that she would come to the hotel have me unlock the door and go into the bathroom she would come in and blindfold herself so she couldn't see me I agreed and we set it up for Saturday.

I got the room and took a shower it wasn't long after she knocked on the door I looked through the peep hole omg she was so beautiful tall slender long blonde blue and purple hair she was perfect..

I unlocked the door and went into the bathroom she came in and text me she was ready as I came into the room she was lying face down her gorgeous little ass and body.

What a sight she had on a pair of tiny Jean shorts and green panties a muscle type shirt that was oversized.

I could see her 32b breasts her fantasy was to be wrapped in cellophane and taken from behind I pulled her shirt up and wrapped her from the shoulder to her tiny waist making sure to leave her breasts exposed..

I then unbuttoned her shorts and slid them down along with her panties revealing her perfect ass and pussy.

I wasted no time burying my face between her luscious thighs and tasting her sweet nectar I was in heaven her scent was intoxicating she was getting wet and I started playing with her tiny clit as I devoured her pussy and ass.

After a while I started fingering her tight little hole and she had an immense orgasm it felt like she would break my fingers she came so hard I kept going and just as her second orgasm hit I plunged into her velvet tunnel.

The feeling was amazing as she came all over my cock I thrust in and out feverishly until she had her 3rd orgasm her muscles milking my cock till I couldn't hold out I started cumming with such force pulling out and shooting up her back and into her hair the experiment was intense and after she left we text and set up our next meeting..

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