First Time Touched

by Good Girl (England)

So when i was younger it was around Christmas time we were at party and I started to feel tired so my mum told me to go get in bed up stairs and she would wake me when we were leaving so i went and got in a bed i was wearing a dress so i just slept in that so as my head hit the pillow.

I don't remember no more till I woke up with someone touching me i froze and never moved and inch id never felt that feeling before I was confused then he pull my knickers to the side and touched my bare skin (pussy lip).

I liked it but still laying frozen stuck i tried to peek out the covers to see who this was but it was pitch black all i could see was the out line of someone standing up and the head of the person at my minnie he was touching my clit opening my lips.

I felt and Heard him smelling me then he stopped he stood up and I thought it's over but he went to the other person they mumbled something to each other and then he walked over to the door he look out as he done that i see the other man with he's cock out wanking i was still there legs open wondering what was going on then he came over sitting on the edge of the bed.

I could hear him undo hes fly's by this time i can feel my breathing had changed then he slowly started to pull my knickers down till they were off then I could feel him pulling my lips apart he was very soft trying not to wake me.

Then I felt his big tongue licking my whole minnie my whole body starting to tingle this felt amazing he would lick it once or twice then stop for a few seconds in that few seconds i longed for more then the other man came over it was his turn when his mouth touched my minnie.

I was shaking i was trying not to moan but my legs were twitching i think i was pushing back he was a bit rougher he put my whole minnie in he mouth and sucked it while he flick my clit with his tongue he lifted my legs and was licking my bum hole it felt strange but the feeling i had i can't even explain.

Then he stooped for a few minutes i tried to see what was going on but i could just hear their growing as they wanked then they both came over and was touching me they started rubbing their cocks up and my lips and clit i could hear their growing getting louder then one held his cock on my clit it got soaked.

He'd cum then the other one was just wanking over my bald Minnie then I felt they splat he'd cum on my belly and pussy they done their fly up and left I was worn out went straight asleep never told anyone now i'm in my forty's i masturbate over it when ever i can it makes me cum so hard.

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