First Time With My Mum

by Anonymous

I was 18 years old and we lived in a one bedroom flat so I had to sleep in bed with my mother and this one night mum was in bed early.

I came up to bed and when i pull the covers back my mother was only wearing her knickers no bra on and i took all my clothes of including my pants so i was lying naked next to my mother and i was laying closed to her facing her.

I called my mother and she didn’t answer so I cuddled up to her and put my arm around her waist and after a couple of minutes i moved my hand up on to her tits and started rubbing her tit and started sucking the other one.

I was doing this for about 5 minutes and she still didn’t move so i braved it and put my hand down her panties and i was feeling her pussy after a couple of minutes i started to feel my cock get hard.

I pulled the covers off us and got down at my mother’s feet and pulled her knickers down and off her, i opened her legs staring at her pussy the smell from her pussy was amazing so i put my fingers inside her and played with her beautiful pussy.

It felt like a warm wet pie and after a few minutes of fingering my mum’s pussy i pulled my fingers out and grabbed my hard cock i rubbed it up and down her pussy then in no time I went inside her pussy.

I pushed it all the way in, after i was inside her i stopped, i just left my cock inside her pussy it was warm and very wet, 2 minutes later i started to move my cock inside her, i was fucking my mother's beautiful pussy it felt amazing.

I was picking up the pace 5 minutes later my mother started to move in rhythm with me then she opened her eyes and saw me fucking her pussy and she shouted what are you doing Ben, i didn’t stop i just said i am making love to my beautiful mother.

With that she starts moaning loud and i was moving faster and she said thats it baby don’t stop fucking i can feel you inside my womb baby and after about 5 minutes of my mother moaning louder and louder i cummed inside her womb.

It was the best feeling ever as i feel i cummed for ages inside her and she was moaning i can feel you squirting inside my womb, i didn’t have a condom on she was screaming i am gonna get pregnant.

I was like i want you to have my baby inside you mom after i finished i pulled out and put my cock inside her mouth and she sucked it clean.

I was hard again so i layed down and mom got on top and bounced hard and fast on my cock she was absolutely screaming loudly i thought the neighbor would hear us but i didn’t care by this time and i cummed again inside her but this time my mother was cumming with me.

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Jul 18, 2019
My first and only time
by: Anonymous

Much like this story, I used to occasionally sleep with my mother when my stepfather was away. One night I had a raging hard on and saw she was asleep so I decided to rub it up against her ass. She didn't move so I reached around and found I could easily feel her tits through her nightgown and was getting even harder playing with her nice tits and big nipples. I then went down her body and found she had no panties on so I went under the sheet and spread her legs apart till I saw her nicely trimmed hairy pussy and started playing with it. She was very wet and it smelled so good I had to lick it. I started licking her cunt and she started spreading her legs farther and her pussy and asshole were right there for me to lick. I went to her ass hole and heard her moan and then felt her hand grab onto my cock which was right in her face and then her wet mouth take my throbbing hard cock right to my balls. Im pretty well endowed at 7 1/2" and pretty thick and she was loving it. I wasn't sure if she thought it was my step dad or knew it was me until I heard her say, Brian, come up here and fuck your mothers cunt! I turned around and climbed between her spread legs and slid my whole cock deep in her hungry pussy and started pumping her hard. She came very quickly and then had me lay on my back so she could ride me. She sat down really hard and started grinding me. I held off for about 5 minutes and she came 3 more times before I couldn't control myself any longer and said I was going to cum. She started grinding even harder and said cum in mommy's pussy baby and with that I started bucking and convulsing as my cock was totally emptying my nuts deep in her pussy.We layed there and cuddled for awhile and she said we should have never done that and it cant happen again and to never tell anyone. We never did again butI think about it all the time!

Jun 15, 2019
by: Mama's boy

NOTHING satisfies like the thought of making my mom cum on my COCK. She wanted it so badly too. I simply couldn't deny her what she DEEPLY WANTED. Hearing her call out for me-calling my name....I had was so very right...Obey thy mother...honor her with your love....NEVER let her needs be unmet. I was so infatuated with my mom and she adored me as well.
No going back....forward into the undeniable bliss of DEEP intertwining incestuous lusciousness.....Mommy needs her sweet baby...she murmured.....come...come...come to mommy sweetie....I kissed mom deeply our tongues dueling....soon my lingual artistic LICKING had her screaming for my smooth cock....

Jun 08, 2019
very nice
by: Rick

Nothing is as intimate or as passionate as having sex with your own mother , it's so erotic to fill the very pussy you you came out of , I'm happy to know others enjoy this special sex as much as I do. My mother and I have enjoyed each other sexually for meny years now ,I hope you will continue enjoying your mother too .😈

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