First Time With My Mum

by Anonymous

I was 18 years old and we lived in a one bedroom flat so I had to sleep in bed with my mother and this one night mum was in bed early.

I came up to bed and when i pull the covers back my mother was only wearing her knickers no bra on and i took all my clothes of including my pants so i was lying naked next to my mother and i was laying closed to her facing her.

I called my mother and she didn’t answer so I cuddled up to her and put my arm around her waist and after a couple of minutes i moved my hand up on to her tits and started rubbing her tit and started sucking the other one.

I was doing this for about 5 minutes and she still didn’t move so i braved it and put my hand down her panties and i was feeling her pussy after a couple of minutes i started to feel my cock get hard.

I pulled the covers off us and got down at my mother’s feet and pulled her knickers down and off her, i opened her legs staring at her pussy the smell from her pussy was amazing so i put my fingers inside her and played with her beautiful pussy.

It felt like a warm wet pie and after a few minutes of fingering my mum’s pussy i pulled my fingers out and grabbed my hard cock i rubbed it up and down her pussy then in no time I went inside her pussy.

I pushed it all the way in, after i was inside her i stopped, i just left my cock inside her pussy it was warm and very wet, 2 minutes later i started to move my cock inside her, i was fucking my mother's beautiful pussy it felt amazing.

I was picking up the pace 5 minutes later my mother started to move in rhythm with me then she opened her eyes and saw me fucking her pussy and she shouted what are you doing Ben, i didn’t stop i just said i am making love to my beautiful mother.

With that she starts moaning loud and i was moving faster and she said thats it baby don’t stop fucking i can feel you inside my womb baby and after about 5 minutes of my mother moaning louder and louder i cummed inside her womb.

It was the best feeling ever as i feel i cummed for ages inside her and she was moaning i can feel you squirting inside my womb, i didn’t have a condom on she was screaming i am gonna get pregnant.

I was like i want you to have my baby inside you mom after i finished i pulled out and put my cock inside her mouth and she sucked it clean.

I was hard again so i layed down and mom got on top and bounced hard and fast on my cock she was absolutely screaming loudly i thought the neighbor would hear us but i didn’t care by this time and i cummed again inside her but this time my mother was cumming with me.

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