Gentle Soft And Hot

by Thomas Leckrone (Ohio, United States)

I’m writing this as a dominate male to a girl named autumn, autumn and I had been talking for a while and we felt as if we had a connection beyond what she had felt before with other guys, we are both in high school senior year both we both turned 18 this year.

We had been chosen as partners for a science project out of random luck in school that would take multiple days of work to complete, 3 days into working and her staying at my house we had finished and polished the project all is done but we said we needed 4 days to complete it so we had an extra day to ourselves.

The last knight at around 12:00 she snuck into my room while I was asleep and laid down next to me and covered up, I knew this was my chance because we’ve never been alone like this before so I made my move.

Ever so gently I woke her up and kissed her while laying down, soon she kissed back I grabbed her tiny waist and pulled her over and on top of me to hold her tightly while we kiss.

After several minutes I am 100% ready but I’m not sure if she is yet, I gently sit up pick her up with me as I stand up and set her down on my bed and try to unhook her bra she complies anxiously as if excited for me I took a second to realize this was actually happening.

By this point I was already hard, she noticed and started gently rubbing my cock, it stuns me and I’m amazed that she wants me.

I gently drag my fingers down her stomach and take off her shirt following goes mine she pulls down out her pony tail and her long beautiful hair flows down her back and over her shoulder.

She slides down and pulls down my elastic gym shorts with my bulging cock in my underwear throbbing she teases me with her lips I pick her up gently setting her back up on my bed and take her pants off then her bright pink small panties I barely touch her and notice she is dripping wet.

She whispers in my ear “I’m ready, please“ I pull out my bulging 7 inch cock and hold her to my chest with her legs wrapped around me waiting me to set her down on my cock moments before I do she say “wait!,,,,, ( whispers) it’s my first time please be gentle“ by this point I’ve never felt more ready.

I slowly stick in the tip then the top of my shaft and as I go deeper she releases small whimpers of please and pain as I feel a trickle of blood on my dick as I go deeper and deeper with a slow ease to ensure she’s ok.

Once I’m all the way in she wraps her arms around me and squeezes very tight and says through the whimpers “please let me make you feel good“ and starts rotating her hips the best she could, this is when I realized she was serious and I started moving her up and down on me while holding her up on my waist.

I set her down on my bed, turn her around grab all of her hair and fuck her so slowly, then increasing speed slowly pulling her hair as she tried to refrain from moaning (she is unsuccessful).

I fuck her like this until she says though her unintentional moans that she about to cum and she wants me to cum with her I can’t respond but I know I will because I’m close too.

She says as quietly as she can “I’m cumming please cum with me“ i say i will and we cum at the same time, I can feel her warm wet pussy twitching and throbbing after she came on my dick.

I refrain from ejaculating and pull her face around open her mouth and put my cock in her mouth, she takes my whole dick without an issue and I cum again down her throat, this time ejaculating and cumming so much it over flows down her throat and her mouth.

As I pull out of her mouth she wraps her arms around me and pulls me back down her throat and sucks my dick like a vacuum and cleans my cock spotless, she swallows all my cum and every thing she cleaned off my dick. This is now every Saturday tradition.

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