First Time

by John (Colorado)

I met a girl at a dance as a teen soon after getting my driver's license. We started going places together. Movies, dances and out to eat. Then one night we went to the local lovers lane. We kissed and I reached down and caressed her breasts, the first time I ever touched a girl's breasts.

I started unbuttoning her blouse and she let me. I reached back and unclasp her bra. I kissed down to her breast and then licked and suck her firm nipples. I reached down to slide my hand in her pants but she reached down and stopped me but let me kiss and lick her breasts and belly as she moaned and pushed my head to her breasts.

After I took her home I spent the rest of the night thinking about what had happened and masturbating. After that first time I would pick her up and we would park and spend the evening kissing and then me kissing and licking her breasts.

After a while she would let me rub her ass through her pants and sometimes her crotch through her pants. I loved the warm wet feel of her jeans over her crotch. I would kiss down her belly and try to undo and reach in her pants but she would always stop me. She let me unbutton my shirt and rub my chest on her breasts.

Then one night I undid my pants and slid my pants down to let my dick out. I told her to reach down and touch me but she said she could see me in the moon light and for me to show her how I touched myself. I leaned back in the seat and started beating off as she sat next to me watching.

Before long I came all over my chest and she reached over and started rubbing her hands through my cum and then rubbing it over her breasts. She said my breast are all sticky, lick them clean for me. I did. I tasted my cum for the first time.

She reached down and started stroking my dick as she had seen me do. I tried to reach into her pants but she told me no but I could rub her through her jeans. And her jeans were dripping wet. I lick my fingers wet from her. I loved her hot hand pulling on my dick.

She ask "am I going to make it shoot again" and I told her yes. So she leaned over and rubbed her nipple against the tip of my dick and I came on her breast. She had me lick her clean again. We went home and that night I beat off through the night and licked my cum thinking of her. I still eat my cum when I masturbate.

We would go out and get in big back seat of my Chevy Impala. She would take off her shirt and lay back and I would straddle her hips and she would jerk me off for me to cum on her stomach and breasts and lick her clean. We would kiss after and she said she could taste my cum.

Then one night she said she wanted to taste my cum hot from my dick and I received my first oral sex. She started by licking and kissing my dick and then slid it in her mouth and sucked and slid her mouth up and down on it. I reached down and held her head on me and came a huge amount in her mouth and it ran down my balls and she licked it from them.

I kissed and licked her face and tasted my cum from her. After that night she did not go out with me again. I never did touch her pussy other than rubbing her through her pants. I guess she didn't like the taste of my cum as much as I do.

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