My Hot Wife Goes Solo For The First Time

by LowC (Kansas City, Mo)

We had got past all the hangups. I knew for a long time my wife Joan was more woman than I could take care of.

It didn’t take much convincing on my part for us to set up a meet with a black male, which went fantastic for us both.

She got satisfaction from a man with a 12” hard beautiful black cock, great stamina, and in the process of my setting it up and bringing the two together, I got to ease my bisexuality into the equation with nary a problem one.

I mean neither of them were complaining, they loved fucking each other, so what if I ducked some cock and ate out a cream pie ?

After about a year, and many meet ups , as often happens our black friend moved on. What Next ?

Well she got a new night job in our small town tavern. Barmaid, Joan is a handsome 50’s woman , prodigious breast’s, short dark long hair, full ass that looks great in tight blue jeans. Very sexy milf .

All the young guys love them big titted Mother Earth type barmaids , right ? We had discussed where her next new cock was coming from. I told her she had the ideal place to get it.

She called, from the Lady’s Room, she says you know this guy name of ****** . I said no, she said good .

As a local business man that was preferred, a stranger. She said he wants to take me to Half Way, a truck stop , after the bar closes to eat.

Well I thought , it was near midnight. Halfway was an hour to and an hour back, plus the time there, would be morning, and I wanted to eat cream pie before then!

I said why don’t you ask if you can stop in for coffee at his place, that you don’t have time for dinner out. You know how to suggest coffee! I could see her saying, can I come by for coffee, and thrusting those tits out, and saying she don’t need wined and dined lol.

Anyway, she calls, she’s in his driveway, going in, I told her, don’t clean up, bring it home I want to eat your pussy out good. I knew she wouldn’t use a condom, she likes it raw.

She came home told me he was an Englishman. A pilot, free weekends, divorced. Had the kids every other weekend. Was a good fuck, nice fat 7” Cock, liked how she fucks, she cums hard, heavy squirter.

She grabbed the head board as she was telling me how He fucked her missionary, and made out. I’m furiously licking her cum as she hunches and forces it out, comes a gusher after I tell her I have a large thick glob of his man sauce in my mouth, we talk awhile.

I slide in get me some smooth sloppy seconds.Nuzzle her neck, as I thrust my hard cock in her from behind, asking her about her fuck. She said he liked fucking her doggy, I said he’s from England ? Yes, he moved here a couple years ago.

I said you know he’s going to want to stick it in your butt don’t ya? Those Brits like to Bum Fuck, she said really? I said yup, you’ll find out! And she did, next weekend, she stopped over and when she got home I asked about her fuck, and I knew it would come up, I asked, he Butt fuck ya yet, she giggled and said YES ! I was coming hard and he pulled it out of my pussy, and shoved it in my ass! I said Told Ya!

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