First Time Boys

by Anonymous

Greg had climbed on top of Derrick, sitting astride his hips. Then, reaching around he took a hold of his friend boner and held it steady as he slowly began to sink his butt hole down on its stiff length.

Neither of them were gay, and they had never done anything like this before, so it was unexpected and surprising. Mostly, just because they were feeling bored that afternoon, and for fun, they had decided to get naked and mess around. Playfully Greg had slicked Derrick’s erection with some lubrication, letting his hand smoothly stroke its hard length. That had been great. Then, feeling daring and uninhibited, Greg wondered how it would be if he fucked his friend.

“Uhhh …” Greg breathed as he gently eased down on Derrick’s male organ, letting it slide easily up into his anal sheath.

Derrick just laid there beneath him on the floor, not expecting this.

“Oooo …” Greg intoned, feeling his friend’s sexual anatomy now deep inside of him.

Slowly he lifted up and sank back down, feeling his sensitive butt hole stretching around the thickness of Derrick’s penis. It was so unbelievably stimulating, making his own erection become absolutely rigid. For the next minute he savored this as he enjoyed the thrill of fucking Derrick’s erection, riding his butt up and down its lubricated length again and again. It was so amazing thinking that he was actually fucking his friend, fucking him as another guy.

Greg had never dreamed of doing anything like this, but for some reason with his thorniness he had found it to be such a compelling idea, and he thought that he might never get another chance or ever ever work up the nerve to do so reckless.

They looked at one another, realizing the significance of the moment and what they were doing.

They were actually having sex together.

Their physical bonding was so wonderful.

“Oh, man …” Derrick sighed as he felt his penis working smoothly back and forth through his friend’s tight anal orifice, his hands on either side of Greg’s bare hips.

Greg moved purposefully to fuck his friend’s penis, delighted by his male ability to do so, as so many guys pleasurable to do even without ever thinking of themselves as being gay, as in liking guys better than girls. It had nothing to do with anything like that. Instead it was just the enjoyment of shared male sexuality.

Greg felt his erection becoming so stiff that it ached and was throbbing with his elevated heart beat. The mushrooming tip was incredible swollen and fully expanded, shiny smooth and a purple-tinged shade of deep red. Some clear drops of pre-cum were starting to spill out through the hole which was stretched wide open.

Then Derrick gasped and squeezed his eyes shut as he helplessly felt his boner ejaculating deep inside of Greg, his sperm-filled semen pulsing out repeatedly.

“Uhhh …Uhhh …Uhhh …” Derrick choked his powerful release. “Uhhhhh …”

Greg realized that his friend was coming and doing that inside of him. The sudden rush of joy and excitement over this happening was making him ejaculate. Long streams of his creamy male-liquid squirted wildly and uncontrollably from rigid boner. He had never experienced such an ejaculation and it practically overwhelmed him. His penis was alive with its wet discharge, shudder, tingling, throbbing, as his butt hole tightened on his friend erection in a series of spasms.

In that moment he knew just how good it felt to fuck another guy, just as Derrick discovered that for himself. It was so powerful and motivating, and it dispelled the myth that guys had to somehow be gay to enjoy this. Guys were free to enjoy their masculinity with one another if they chose, and could do so without labeling or regret or feelings of remorse over achieving such a luxury.

Already both of them knew that this might have been the first time they fucked, but that I was not going to be their last.

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