The First Time

by Anonymous

I thought I could make it.. so far it had been 19 years and I had avoided the peer pressure of giving in to sex. I planned on being abstinent and honestly did a great job at keeping on track as I planned.

Trust me, it wasn't easy keeping away from guys wanting me, not that I was very special but at 5'4, kinda skinny, with green eyes and blonde hair, most guys would be all over me and after finding out I was a virgin, it had them trying even harder to be the one who got to take it.

Normally I was great at keeping my mind on track, but when I turned 19, I for some reason became more curious than I had ever been. Especially when I was on a beach trip with some friends, and we met a group of guys near the water.

Originally I was planning on calling it an early night and hanging in our hotel room, but my friends insisted and convinced me to go down to the beach with them for some fun. While there we met a group of 4 guys who were also just enjoying the day. Of course after hanging out and a few drinks one thing led to another and it ended up being blurred out by my friend about how "pure" I still was.

Naturally the guys all took interest, however only one of them had me interested back.. His name was Zack, and he was definitely one of the better looking guys I had seen in a while. I felt some type of way when he'd talk to me, especially when he said how nice my bikini top was and winked then put his arm around me, obviously stating he was looking at my boobs in the top.. After a while, Zack convinced me to go for a walk with him and we went down the beach a bit until we were out if sight from our friends.

Zack stopped me and wrapped his arm around me, "so, are you actually a virgin like your friends have said" I answered, "yes" and explained as to why.

Zack then said "well maybe we should go ahead and change that now.." as he says this, I feel him pull my strings on the back if my bikini and loosen the top to fall off.

Normally by this point I stop the guy, and walk away from the situation. But Zack was different, the way he felt me up had me electrified and completely turned on.. acting like I knew what to do, I grabbed his cock in my hand and began stroking it as he whipped it out of his shorts and gave me a site I was not expecting! Although I had not seen many before, besides the unexpected dick pics from guys, I knew he had something special that most girls would love, and I was going to get it for my first time ;)

I wrapped my arms around Zack's neck as he grabbed down by my hips, untied my bottoms from my bikini, and picked me up by my thighs to wrap my legs around him. I felt his dick rubbing against my clit, and that's when I knew it was about to happen..

I felt the head slowly pushing against me, and in seconds it penetrated and I let out a huge gasp as I bit my lip.. the more he pushed in, the harder I bit and louder I got, until he finally lowered me all the way on it.

Although it hurt, I felt like I was in heaven! I began moving on it up and down slowly, and as I got more comfortable Zack began to bounce me up and down until I was moving full speed swinging by his neck on his dick. Being that it was my first, it was not long until he had me screaming and shaking while cumming on his dick.

He then bent me over a chair nearby, and went at me like crazy for about 20 minutes or so leaving me numb in my legs, and throbbing in my stomach. Zack turned me around before he came, and had me open my mouth as he blew his nice hot load all in my mouth and on my face.

Not something I expected to happen, but was very happy it did ;) we returned to our friends, knowing they already knew where'd we been and went about our night like nothing happened.. since then I've been with Zack again, and luckily been with a couple more guys now. Needless to say, I'm making up on some lost time ;)

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