Father And Daughter

by Alayna (England)

It was my 18th birthday. I ran down the stairs in the morning with nothing but a flimsy top and pants on. My father was sitting down eating breakfast, until he noticed me come down.

I walked to the kitchen feeling his eyes staring at me. I grabbed a cereal bar and slumped down on the sofa next to him. He said Happy Birthday and continued to watch TV. I asked where Mom had gone and he explained she had gone to buy food and drink for the party later.

I pretend to focus on a vase of flowers, noticing my father constantly glancing at me. Dad was fit. Like really fit. Golden hair with sky blue eyes. I secretly peeked at his jeans and realized a bulge in them. I flushed and made a lame excuse to leave.

My Dad called after me. "Brooke, there's something I want to give you, but I'm not sure if you'll like it,"

"I'm sure I'll LOVE it Dad,"I replied. He walked up to me, pushed the hair out my face and started kissing me passionately. I kissed him back. "Brooke, I love you more than a father should, I just thought you should know that,"

"I love you more than a daughter should love her father too," My father pushed me up against the wall and kissed me again, his fingers crawling up my top and under my bra. He removed the top and unclipped the bra. He sucked my nipples and I moaned his name out. I also removed his t-shirt and traced his muscles.

I fingers crept under his jeans and pulled them down. Just then the a key opened the front door and we quickly put our clothes back on. "Brooke? Happy birthday, sweetie! Brad come help me put the decorations up."

My father walked off and I carried on up the stairs. I did my makeup, smokey eye-makeup with plenty of lip gloss. I then put on my clothes, a blood red sexy, up to my knees, dress with a slit to my upper thigh on the side.

Guests were starting to arrive so I went downstairs and invited them in. At about 8 in the evening i was really drunk. My boyfriend and I went up to my room and started peeling our clothes away. He lay on top of me touching me all over.

My dad then walked in on us. In a totally inappropriate position for a dad to see his daughter in. My boyfriend left shortly after and my dad sat down on my bed. I was naked under the bed sheets. "Brooke..I can't allow you to do that."

"Why not? I'm an adult now!"

"Yes, you are and I can't stop you, but remember earlier? I want to be your first, I want to pop your cherry and for you to lose your virginity to ME." Then he took his clothes off and came under the sheets with me.

He turned me around and sat on top of me. Tracing my collar bone and massaged my breasts. My back arched in advance. I became slick between the thighs my sexual juices leaking.

I removed the sheets and took a look at his dick. It was GIGANTIC! I shuffled down and took it in my mouth. I sucked it hard and fast, he moaned loudly and removed his cock from my mouth. He told me to stand up. I did. He began licking my cunt, his tongue grazing my clit. I became impatient and yelled "Fuck me daddy! Fuck me!"

He picked me up and put me back on the bed and led his dick inside me. We both groaned as it entered and suddenly "POP" a single tear dripped down my face from the pain. But it went, and all I could now feel was pleasure.

I spread my thighs wide allowing him to push his 11 inch inside me. He thrust quickly and expertly and then my cum came." DADDY!!!!" I yelled. I dug my nails into his back. That's when he came. Brooke I'm coming wait there.....Boy it felt extraordinary. We continued fucking for 3 hours and that's when we went to sleep.

In the morning I turned around to see gold hair and a toned back. I thought of what had happened last night, and kissed his back lightly. He awoke and rolled back on top of me. From that day onwards we fucked whenever mom left the house...

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