3rd Time With Slave

by Buck Naked (SC)

I got to the hotel and showered getting out my bag of restraints toys etc when slave arrived I let her in and went into the bathroom she came in stripped out on her hood and knelt down I came out of the bathroom and over to her placing her collar on her neck I also put a anklet on her as a symbol of in public collar you remind her who she belongs to..

I felt her small breasts and nipples putting my cock to her lips she opened her mouth and started licking and sucking my cock taking it into her mouth and eventually her throat she was unaware we were in front of the window with the curtains open wide I let her continue until I came down her throat..

Having her stand up facing the window there were guys watching as I felt her small breasts and bald pussy I lifted her leg and put it on the window sill exposing her to the guy outside I fingered her to orgasm multiple times and entered her hard and deep from behind.

I kept checking the cameras with my phone and adjusting them to show her tiny pussy being battered in and out with hard deliberate strokes faster and faster until she started to orgasm again I pushed myself deep inside her and released my fertile seed the men outside were right in front of me window watching intently I wrote the room # down and told them to come in but be very quiet...

I left for standing by the window and let the men in telling them they could do anything they wanted to her I then went to her and told her I had a surprise for her as I smacked her ass and pussy with my riding crop causing welts to form I spun her around and guided her to the bed placing her on her back and her head off the bed.

One of the men went right to her mouth and started throat fucking her with his 8 inch cock the next was a big black guy that entered her vagina with his massive 12 in and extremely thick cock driving it in balls deep another black man with a thick 11 in cock pushed deep into her bowels.

They fucked her roughly with reckless abandon she was grunting and squealing as they pummeled her one by one filling her throat pussy and ass with hot sperm only to be replaced by 3 more cocks they fucked her hard deep and fast until all had emptied themselves deep inside her.

I instructed the guy with the 12 inch dick to get under her and start fucking her again as he did I lubed my 12.5 inch monster and pushed it against his stretching her tiny opening until it popped into her tight tunnel we kept pumping into her till we bottomed out and our balls slapping against each other relentlessly over and over again taking turns pulling out and shoving back in..

We continued for over an hour while 3 of the other guy pummeled her throat spilling even more seed into her gullet I instructed another guy with an 11 inch cock to push into her little ass and we all fucked her hard tears were streaking her hood as she was impaled by 4very large cocks we all emptied inside her again and the men left..

I took her into the shower and cuffed her to the shower head once again entering her from behind she pleaded for me to stop and I withdrew from her swollen battered bruised vagina and rammed my cock into her ass lifting her off the ground as I pounded away until I was ready to cum pulling out and ramming back into her little pussy filling it a last time with seed I then thoroughly washed her using the shower hose to clean the sperm from inside her pussy and ass.

I dried her off and brushed her hair carried her to the window again spreading her wide so everyone could see her gaping holes then laying her on the bed getting in and spooning her holding her all night..

I was in the shower when I heard her gasp and shriek I came out she was watching the video of herself being fucked by a guy she turned explaining it was her brother father and uncle that had fucked her so rough all deposited their seed into her vaginal canal..

She text me later and told me they had followed her to the hotel and when she got home they all took turns fucking her over and over again..

To be continued

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