My Baby Sister And I The First Time: Part 1

By Patrick LeRoy (McPherson ks 67460)

It was the summer of "98 there was a bunch of us drinking a couple half gallons of 100 proof vodka and a couple half gallons of crown Royal. We were sitting in my cousin's basement when we heard the door open.

We heard voices and down the stairs came my cuz "fay" and younger sister "Marsha". Both of them were buzzed up and fairly drunk. Fay was straight, but Marsha let it be known she was bi/gay.

I had a snag already there so we snick off to an extra room to do our thing. I thought I had pushed the door closed but when my girl Tammy was giving me an amazing bj I looked towards the door and seen someone duck into the shadows.

Obviously somebody was watching us. Hell I didn't care. With Tammy riding me the whole time I seen the door slowly open, but couldn't tell who was watching. Tammy got off and I layed her on her back head towards the door.

I got on top and acted like I wasn't looking at door. I kept fucking Tammy and I glanced up and almost freaked out. I was looking at my sister with her hands in her pants fingering her pussy. Actually that made me cum faster than fuck. She was gone by the time we were leaving the bedroom.

About 5 am the party was moving to town. Only one car and 9 or 10 of us had to get a ride. I sat on passenger side in back and my sister decided to sit on my lap. Tammy had already went home. So 9 ppl in a 2 door car with tinted windows. It was dark and cramped.

There was a guy next to me and nobody on his lap. I felt a hand slowly rub my cock and knew it could only be my sis. I reached up, under her shirt and felt the firmest tits. She let out a soft moan. Right before we got to the house she leaned back and said, I wanna fuck so you should walk me home.

When we got to her house I knew her grandma n dad was there. We have different dad's. But she said they would be asleep. As we tip-toe'd to her room I could hear ppl snoring.

We passed her Grandma's room she quietly said don't look in there. Well of course now I wanna look. I seen her dad and her grandma both passed out on the bed, buck ass naked.

Once in her room she locked the door and I said are they doing what it looked like? Quietly she said yes but please don't say anything. I agreed then as I blinked her clothes came off and she was unbuttoning my jeans.

Pushing me back on the bed and taking my half hard cock in her mouth she said if you keep quiet I won't stop. Ten min later I unloaded my hot load of cum in my sisters mouth. She didn't loose a drop.

She looked at me and said can you stay hard? I replied yes if you suck it some more. I pulled her hair to get her off my hard shaft laying her on her back I rubbed my thick cock on her throbbing clit.....

Continued on Part 2

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