First Time

by Anonymous

I was the only child of a normal, middle class couple. We were lucky enough to have a pool on the yard, which made the summertime a lot more bearable for everyone.

Mom, a nurse, was a petite woman with very large breasts. She was quite attractive.

Oftentimes, when she worked the 3 till 11 shift at the hospital, she would come home and take a sponge bath standing in front of the bathroom sink.

My bedroom was across the hall from the bathroom.

I had always been one of those people that is easily awakened by any light shining. Well, one particular evening, I remember being awakened and sitting up in my bed startled.

Looking for the source of light, I saw it was a reflection of the bathroom light from across the hall shining into the mirror in my room.

As I gazed into the mirror, I hot a perfect view of my naked mother standing at the sink, sponging herself.

Being a normal recently adolescent teen, I looked on in amazement as my mother slowly bathed.

Her large breasts dangling with erect nipples as she lifted each to wash underneath first drew my attention. Her nipples and areolas were quite large, the nipples resembling thimbles.

As I watched her slowly bathing, my cock began to grow hard as a rock. I took it out of my pajama pants and sat on my bed stroking as the wonderful show in the bathroom continued.

As my mother sponged her body, she seemed to be getting aroused herself. She had a brunette bush, neatly trimmed between her legs. Her right hand was slowly moving there as her left hand massaged her breasts.

Watching in my amazement of the site of this gorgeous naked woman in the mirror, I saw the fingers of her right hand slowly probe her bush until they found their mark.

As she pulled and pinched her succulent nipple, her finger disappeared into her bush. I was now stroking my dripping cock watching her pleasure herself.

I had a decent sized cock by this time, 7 inches and cut and of medium thickness with a nice mushroom head. It grew slicker with precum as I watched, and wanted my mother.

Her fingers began to move faster between her legs as she lifted her breast and started to suck and lick her nipple.

As she began to shudder, I saw that her eyes seemed to be looking directly at me in the mirror. Seeing that I was "caught" my boner quickly vanished as i panicked.

I quickly laid back down in my bed and made like i was fast asleep.

Minutes passed agonizingly slow as I continued my charade until I finally heard my mother's steps go past my room to her and dad's bedroom at the end of the hall.

Thinking I was now "safe", i rationalized that I had just imagined my mother looking at me. Remembering the sensual things I had just seen, my adolescent cock hardened once again.

I reached down and began to stroke when I felt someone sit on my bed. Startled, I looked to find my still naked mother sitting beside me. She whispered for me to be quiet as she pulled my sheets aside and took hold of my cock.

She lowered her head and kissed my cockhead. This sent electricity through my body as she proceeded to take me into her mouth.

As she sucked my cock into her throat, she took my hand and placed it on her very moist pussy lips.

I probed her as she sucked, licked and kisses my cock.

My fingers found her erect clit and she whispered "there, right there".

As she sucked me harder, i fingered her rock hard clit. She thrust forward as my fingers pushed her over the edge.

She began to convulse and soaked my bed with a hot fluid (I had no clue what a squirter was, but I just found out).

As this happened, I felt my balls tense up and the cum start to rise up my cock. I shot 7 squirts of hot cum onto my mother's hungry mouth. She swallowed every drop and kept me in her mouth until I went soft.

My hand been still on her drenched pussy. After letting my now soft cock slip from her mouth, she kissed it and took hold of my hand.

She brought my hand to her face and licked her cum from my fingers.

She then took her fingers and inserted them into her pussy, then offered them to me to taste.

Here "honey" tasted so good that I hungrily licked it all.

She then whispered that she will change my sheets in the morning. She then got up and went to her room to lie next to my father.

I fell asleep smelling the delicious aroma of my mother's cum, not believing what had just happened.

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