First Time Gay

by Lucas

Jason laid there face down on the bed, feeling Mike’s thick manhood repeatedly going in and out of his butt. It was sort of almost painful, yet exciting as he felt his butt hole stretching around the thick male dimensions, each time with its stiff length going deep into his anal sheath.

He had never done this before, and did not know what to expect, and he was surprised by how unbelievably stimulating this was, making his own erection absolutely rigid in response.

“Ummm …” Mike murmured s he continued to exercise his manliness in the younger male’s butt. The lubricated condom making his insertions smooth and easy.

Jason had certainly not been planning on doing anything like this when he had stopped by Mike’s house. Mike had been an assistant teacher which as how Jason knew him. And that summer he had just turned eighteen and graduated.

Just out for a walk, it had started raining, and when he was going by Mike’s place, Mike had seen him and invited him in. So they had sat together on the sofa having a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Whether it was because it was raining outside and cozy to be inside like that, Jason was not entirely sure.

But somehow it had been easy to feel companionable and comfortable with the maleness of the moment. Even to the point that they had both grinned somewhat mindfully, acknowledging this, and in a chummy fashion had slipped an arm around behind each other’s shoulders.

Admittedly Jason was not at all accustomed to being this way with another guy, although he liked the chance to discretely experience it. It felt good.

Then they had talked, and Mike asked him if he had any r, which he didn’t right then. Then teasing Mike asked if maybe he had any boyfriends. Jason had blushed and said how he wasn’t gay. And Mike said had he knew that, and assured him how lots of guys did, without being gay.

Being quite casual about this, Mike mentioned how he enjoyed the occasional male companionship when he opportunity presented itself. He said this without making it sound like a big deal, and Jason had found himself intrigued.

Then, still just sitting there with an arm around behind each other’s shoulders, they had kissed.

Jason had found it interesting doing that with another guy, and at the same time exciting.

When Mike had announced how this as giving him a boner, Jason had found himself confessing to as much.

They kissed some more, and let their hands feel the extent of each other’s arousal. Finally Mike suggested how they might be more comfortable in h bedroom, so they had gone in and taken off their clothes. In a moment more they were making out nakedly on he bed. Mile had sucked on his dick a little bit, so Jason had tried sucking on his, finding this to be a considerable turn on.

Feeling that he was ready, Mile then slipped on a condom and Jason found himself hesitantly submitting.

At first it seemed surprising to feel Mike pushing his enormously erect penis into his butt. Quickly, though, he had relaxed and found it extremely stimulating and exciting getting to experience what male sex was like. Now, after several minutes he as savoring it.

‘Oh, yeah … oh, yeah …” Mike breathed, and then he grunted. “UHHH!!!”

Jason realized that Mike was ejaculating and doing that deep inside of him. Excited by this, he suddenly found himself ejaculating at the same time. It was such an incredible moment.

They laid there recovering and Finally Mike pulled his no longer erect penis out. Taking off the condom, he held it up, the end drooping heavily with his white semen, demonstrating that it had held. Jason was grateful that of course. Obviously Mike was careful and thoughtful, and Jason appreciated this.

Mike gave him a pleased smile and kissed him tenderly in the lips. Jason kissed him back.

“I can’t believe that this was your first time,” Mike commented.

Jason smiled. “I guess that I was ready for it.”

He was thinking ahead to the rest of that summer and enjoying his new found friendship.

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