My Second Time With Slave

by Buck Naked (SC)

Slave arrived and came in while I was in the bathroom I had left her a note with instructions when I came out into the bedroom she had the hood that I had gotten on.

She was completely naked kneeling with her head down I ask her if she would wear my collar she answered in a timid voice yes master I placed the pink studded collar around her neck and fastened it and told her to stand up.

Her tiny body was perfect nice small breasts and tiny nipples smooth little pussy and nice round little ass she was definitely a girly girl manicured nails everything in place she smelled so good and her fair skin was so soft.

I told her to stand with her feet spread apart and I got out the spreader bar and fastened it to her ankles then had her bend forward clasping the chain from the bar to the collar keeping her in the vent over position.

I then placed the nipple clamps on her tiny nipples I took one of her dainty hands and placed it on my pants crotch and told her you know what I want she undid my pants and pushed them with my shorts to the floor.

I stepped out of them she grabbed my hard cock and stroked it gently then placed her lips around the head it barely fit in her little mouth.

She began sliding it in and out of her mouth using her tongue along the shaft she could barely fit half the length into her mouth and made the cutest gagging noises.

I grasped the back of her head as she got as much as she could into her mouth and started to push as I held her head she started breathing hard and gulping as I pushed into her throat I reminded her to breathe through her nose she started to panic.

So I withdrew and left her continue i reached around and started fingering her tight extremity wet slit and dipping my fingers inside going faster and faster her legs started to shake and she almost fell over.

When her orgasm hit again grasping my fingers like a vice as she fell forward she logged my cock into her throat all 11 inches were in her mouth as her orgasm lessened she withdrew her mouth from my cock and her spittle reached from my cock to her mouth.

I removed the spreader bar and fastened restraints on her ankles and wrists laying her onto her stomach I then hooked the restraints together and started to lick her pussy and ass fingering her feverishly until she started bucking and having another intense orgasm.

I kept going and she had orgasms one right after the other at least 10 in total I then mounted her from behind burying my cock to the hilt she moaned and gasped with pain and pleasure.

I keep up a fast hard pounding rhythm and it wasn't long before she started to orgasm multiple times again she didn't realize I had filled he with my seed and just kept going she milked me 2 more times and the 4th time I pulled out shooting all over her inner thighs back and hair.

I sat her up on a towel and secured a vibration against her clit and told her not to move I dressed and told her I'd be right back I went outside for a cigarette and got us drinks before returning.

She was still in the same position sweat on her forehead and breathing erratic telling me she didn't mean to cum all over the towel without permission (she hadn't realized it was my seed seeping out).

I told her she needed to be punished and I put her over my knee she stated she's never been spanked before so I took it easy spanking her pussy and ass with my riding crop she squealed and I hit harder than before and the last 3 swats were very hard .

I placed her on her back and started caressing her body from head to toe paying special attention to those gorgeous little titties sucked her tiny nipples and again fingering her pussy tongue multiple orgasms again it had been 4 hours and she was getting hungry so we stopped for the day.

We made the next morning our next meeting and she left texting me an hour later saying she was exhausted and her insides were still quivering... until tomorrow morning we will continue in another story.

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