by Harry (Australia)

My wife had know Kerry for a long time and she had told my wife she had only been with Ron her husband. She told my wife that he is all she wanted.

I was home alone one day watching some porn when the door bell rang. When I opened the door Kerry was there. She then told me she was going out later with Jenny but she was early.

I let her in and told her I would ring Jen and find out what time she would be home. She said about 1 to 2 hrs. I told Kerry and she asked if I minded if she stayed. I told her ok. She asked me what I was doing and I told her some computer work. I told her I would go and turn it off.

As I walked into the study Kerry followed. As I entered the room there was guy jerking his cock. I rushed over to the computer to turn the screen off but heard Kerry say what were you watching. I was dumfounded at first until Kerry said leave it on, can we watch it. Kerry then told me she had heard about these movies but had never seen any as Ron did not like them.

Kerry asked if Jenny watched them and I told her sometimes but not often. I asked what Kerry would like to watch and she said anything. I put on movies about mutual masturbation and waited for them to load.

All I had on was my boxers and Kerry had on a dress down to her knees. She moved the other chair next to mine and asked me to start it. I pressed the button on the key board and the movie started. It was about two people sitting on the lounge and end up masturbating themselves.

The guy was the 1st to get his cock out and start jerking it. It was not long before he was hard. I looked at Kerry and her eyes were glued to the screen. Not long and the girl lifted her skirt and started to play with her pussy. I asked Kerry if she did it with Ron and she told me never. She then asked me if I did it with Jenny and I told her we did. It was a big turn on.

As we both watched I put my hand on Kerry's knee. She did not move so I started to move my hand up slowly just about to the top of her leg. She did not move so I left it there. I was so horny I slipped my other hand into my boxers and grabbed my cock. Kerry did not notice so I started to jerk my cock.

I moved my hand lower back to her knee and as I moved it back up I dragged her dress up until I reached the top of her leg. When I moved my hand onto her skin Kerry jumped and asked what I was doing. She then noticed I had my hand in my boxers. I said nothing and looked into Kerry's eyes.

She looked down at me jerking and I slipped my cock out into the open. Kerry just looked and I raised up off the chair and let my boxers fall to the floor, Kerry looked at the screen and then back to my cock. As she looked I moved my hand higher and into the middle of her legs until my little finger touched her pussy.

She jumped and said we had to stop. I moved my hand from her leg but kept jerking my cock. Kerry's eyes were glued to my cock so I put my hand back onto her leg and moved it up to her pussy. Kerry opened her legs so I could touch her pussy. I let my little finger move her undies aside and I touched her.

I let my small finger slide into her and she moved forward. I moved my hand and took hold of her hand. She looked at me, I smiled and moved it down to her pussy. I took her hand and slid it into her undies until it reached her pussy. I took my hand away and pulled her undies down.

She did not try to stop me as she lifted off the chair and let me take them off. I looked down and saw her playing with her clit and two fingers slipping inside of her. I wanted Kerry to see me jerking my cock so I stood up and faced her. Kerry kept glancing at the screen and then back at my cock.

I was getting close to cumming and I asked Kerry if she was. She said she would not be long so I slowed up so as to cum with her. I was so turned on watching Kerry I told her I was about to cum. She then told me she had never seen a guy cum. That was enough.

I put my cock near her face so she had a good look. I told her I was about to cum and I shot my 1st spray she smiled and let it spray on her cheek. She then told me she was cumming and when she did she put her mouth around my cock and sucked it dry.

After I finished cumming Kerry put her hands around my arse, looked up at me and put all of my cock down her throat. She held it there for a bit and then slowly took my cock out. Kerry then told me it was the 1st time she had seen what I did and the 1st time she had put a cock into her mouth.

Kerry lent back in the chair and asked me to watch as she went to work on her pussy to cum again. As I watched I was getting hard again so I knelt down in front of her and watched. It was not long before she was going to cum again so I lent forward, moved her hand and started to lick and suck her pussy.

I put 2 fingers in her and then 3. All of a sudden she let go with a big flow of cum. When she stopped I stood up and she grabbed my cock and sucked it. After I cum we sat, looked at each other. Kerry then told me not to tell anyone but she wanted more.

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