by Anonymous

I am from India, I could not get Job so I decided to sell washing powder door to door. I am 27 years unmarried man, Good body. I Carry washing powder on my bag and go to different houses to sell my product.

when I go, only ladies are available at home, husbands are away for day I was in colony, I rang the bell a lady around 40s opened the door.

I told her about my product and gave her a demo, she said I will by your whole bag but you have to do my work, I was happy that my powder Will be sold.

I agreed and ask her what is the work, she was delighted to hear this she immediately closed the door and took me to her bed room, she said sit and relax, you are young and smart with good body.

Are you married, I said no, now she came near me and opened her gown, her big boobs were in front of me she was not wearing bra, I was shocked to see this.

Madam what is this? I am here for work, so tell me the work.

She said, this is part of work, you play with them and suck them, now I was freighted, madam I am going.

She said I will shout and call neighbors that you are molesting me, now I was shaking, I said, mam please don't do this, she said ok, and do as I said.

I started touching her breasts and I was pressing them too, she said suck them I started sucking them her nipples became erect she started moaning, now I was relaxed, she said remove your clothes.

I obeyed her, now I was nude my 8 inches cock was hanging, she immediately hold my cock and said good, I wanted big one, now my cock was erect as she was pulling my foreskin now she removed her clothes and was nude.

She started sucking my cock, no body has sucked my cock before, I was in heaven and I started sucking her breast faster, she was moaning.

She ask me have you fucked anyone I said no, so you are virgin. Now she asked me to suck her clean shaven cunt. I hesitated and said I don't know how to do it.

She opened her legs and said just lick first and suck with your tongue, I obeyed and started licking her cunt, now we were in 69 position, she was sucking my cock and I was sucking her cunt.

Her cunt was wet with cunt juices, my cock was erect and hard she said now fuck me, I said I don't know.

she asked me to put my cock in her cunt, I put my head of my cock on her cunt and pushed, head went in I had little pain, she Also cried.

She grab me and put her legs around my hips and said fuck me, I pushed with force whole cock went inside her touching her uterus, she cried slow please.

You have teared my cunt, now I was stroking and I was touching her uterus every time I stroked in, I fucked her for Half an hour, I ejaculated in her, it was my first experience.

She said you can come and sell your powder weekly to me.

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