Nonconsensual Stories That Will Have Your Face Smothering Incest Cunt

Nonconsensual stories that will have your face smothering incest cunt. Here are quick teasers, “now suck on Daddy’s hard cock. Show him what a good girl you are.” Her cheeks bulging with Mr. Rigmatten’s cock… My dream was coming true. My mother was letting her juices flow out of her body and into my mouth willingly… Nicholas was hypnotized by his daughter’s smooth, bald little slit, pink and shiny wet…

New Club (Nonconsensual Stories)   
I was doing gardening out in my backyard as you all know I do everything in the nude, it is my choice to live my life being completely naked...Continue reading

Groped And Fingered In Public (Nonconsensual Stories)   
It was extremely hot on this day and there was a concert scheduled to play downtown, the concert was to begin around 6 at night and was to end around 10...Part 1Part 2Part 3  

Raped By My Dad (Nonconsensual Stories)   
After mom passed away dad let me move back home. I moved in while my dad was up at the camp mom and dad bought. I was unpacking when my dad came home...Continue reading

The Best Rape (Nonconsensual Stories)   
I was 18 years old back then and I don’t know why but always had sex on my mind. I was thinking of being fucked in the pussy and the ass, my finger going...Continue reading

Learning Sex From Daddy (Nonconsensual Stories)   
I was 18, I believed I was home alone. My mother was at work and my father has ran to get dinner for that night. As I was getting out ready to go wank...Continue reading

Forced Nikita For Sex (Nonconsensual Stories)
Nikita was from Kolkata and was my FB friend. We never saw each other. But our friendship grew. Soon I had her Whatsapp No and we used to chat. We both...Continue reading      

Amy’s New Daddy (Nonconsensual Stories)
“Oh, that’s good slut,” whispered Mr. Rigmatten in pleasure, “now suck on Daddy’s hard  cock. Show him what a good girl you are.” Her cheeks bulging with Mr. Rigmatten’s cock, Amy looked up miserably at the camera and did as she was told, sucking on the intruding dick that filled her mouth. Mr. Rigmatten grabbed her head...Continue reading

Big Brother Loves His Princess (Nonconsensual Stories)
“Don’t do that, Neil,” you beg him. “Not yet. I’m still a virgin.” His eyes get wide and twinkle. “Really?” His mouth opens into the widest smile you’ve ever seen. “I knew you were the one! You’ve been saving yourself for me! You’re my perfect spotless Princess! Oh, Kendra, I love you so much!” “No,” you say…Continue reading

Blackmailing Mother (Nonconsensual-Stories)
Mom let her hands fall to her side and just let herself go. I had no resistance whatsoever and had attained a very rapid licking pace. I engulfed her pussy and at one point had my full face up her cunt. My dream was coming true. My mother was letting her juices flow out of her body and into my mouth willingly…Continue reading

Curly And His Mom (Nonconsensual Stories)
“Fuck that pussy, stud!” Kathy almost screamed the command. Curly was surprised that he hadn’t heard them in the past. She was loud. That dick must have been tearing that cunt up. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” Kathy crooned. “Oh, Jake, your dick feels so goooddd. Please fuck my pussy forever…Continue reading

Daddy Made Me (Nonconsensual Stories)
Nicholas was hypnotized by his daughter’s smooth, bald little slit, pink and shiny wet, her juices flowing, her so soft pussy, so tender in contrast to the lacy black of her panties. She was obviously shaving her pussy. The sight of her cunt so open, so raw, so shiny wet…(Link Removed)

Drunk Sister (Nonconsensual-Stories)
“What the hell,” I thought, “let’s see how passed out they are.” I moved around behind Cindy and knelt between her feet. I grasped my rock hard dick and began to rub the head up and down her wet slit. This felt pretty good and I could have cum this way in a few minutes…Continue reading

Daughter’s Prison (Nonconsensual Stories)
He thrust forward, and his cock, hard and thick, moved into me. I gasped out loud in shock, as I felt my tight, pussy lips splitting open around his massive thickness. Then the huge bulbous head of his cock was sliding agonizingly into me, as my lips stretched to its limits to contain his girth…Continue reading

Drugged Babysitter (Nonconsensual-Stories)
“I’m sucking your hot little pussy,” Susan said. Amy stared at her in surprise, trying to match the words with something in her memory. Susan continued to lick at her snatch, sliding her tongue against her clitty as she slowly wriggled a finger into the fuck pipe…Continue reading

Elizabeth Always Gets Her Way (Nonconsensual Stories)
My penis was wet from her juices and I was able to insert it into her anal orifice. The ring of muscle there was even tighter than her virginal pussy had been! I couldn’t hold back as the sphincter contracted on the shaft of my penis. I pulled out after spurting a last string of semen into her butt…Continue reading

Held Down (Nonconsensual-Stories)
Her mouth hung open stupidly, her pretty eyes dulled from shock, her lips puffy from Tommy’s face fuck. She saw vaguely another cock approach her, and felt it enter her mouth, her mouth engulfing it naturally, her lips stretched around the shaft as if there were always a cock there…Continue reading

His Favorite Sister, His Only Sister (Nonconsensual Stories)
Mindy felt her brother push his thick thing inside the edge of her “kitten” and knew he was wetting her female hole with his gooey stuff as he had on her face earlier. “Billy, don’t go any further in me, I want to wait, but I like what you’re doing, I feel you making my “kitten” wet…Continue reading

I Can’t Make It Without Mom’s Ass (Nonconsensual-Stories)
I moved my face down to take in her sweet smell. Her lovely cheeks surrounded my face and warmed my skin as I deeply inhaled her natural fragrance. I sniffed like a boy possessed. Her ass had a faint underarm smell to it, but I wasn’t complaining, in fact, her scent drove me to another level of savage lust and desire…Continue reading

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