New Club

by Margaret (Altoona, USA)

I was doing gardening out in my backyard as you all know I do everything in the nude, it is my choice to live my life being completely naked.

I really love and believe that when you are wearing any type of clothing prevents your body from breathing, being naked allows your body to breathe, your entire body needs to get air.

Well as I was doing my gardening a couple of my friends came over to visit, they all know what my rule is when they enter my house they must strip as they enter, one asks me if I might like to check out this new club that just opened.

Well I thought about it for a while, I finally decided that I was going to go with them and check the new club out, we will not be going to this new club until around 8 pm tonight, we had about six hours before I had to get dressed to go to the club.

So I said we could play some sex games before we went, they all agreed, I said I need to have my pussy lips pulled open for all to play with my clit, two played with and even sucked my boob and my nipples, one placed the head of his big sex toy against my sex hole I said to him go for it.

I want the big sex toy up in my sex hole, I just was so happy the entire time that big sex toy was in my sex hole, he pumped me rough, hard and deep, I had three orgasms when he removed his big sex toy from my sex hole.

I asked them what they thought I should wear, I was told I should wear something old so i put a old faded pair of jeans and a top that was thread bare, I decided not to wear a bra.

We left and went to this new club, they never told me why I had to wear these old clothes, here as it turns out they look for ladies who has huge breasts, they are removed from the rest of the crowd and taken to another room, well as I am standing in line waiting to enter the new club, three men grabbed me.

I am taken to this room where all of my clothes are ripped off me, my pussy lips are pulled wide open, I am now clamped facing the wall I had no idea there were openings club members and their guests can walk up and down through the hall and play with my huge breasts and my clit.

The club is open until midnight, I feel them stick my huge breasts through holes so they can be played with, well the hours that I was there in this new club my breasts and my clit was played with and had many orgasms. I felt wonderful when it was time to leave, the only problem I had to go home naked, it made me feel wonderful about going home naked.

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