Her Boyfriend's Twin Brother

by dedalus

On March 28, 1993 at approximately 3:30 A.M. a 22-year-old woman was sleeping in her apartment which she left unlocked because she was expecting her boyfriend, Lenny Hough, to come over.

The woman was awakened by a knock and believed that it was her boyfriend at the door. She thought that he had forgotten the key she had given to him.

The woman instructed the male to come in believing it was Lenny, her boyfriend. After the light was turned on, the woman realized that the male was not Lenny but was his twin brother, Lamont Hough.

They talked shortly and the woman told Lamont to lock the door when he left.

The woman then went back to sleep but was again awoken at approximately 5:00 A.M. when she heard a knock at the door and heard a male say "open the door". The woman believed the male was her boyfriend because it sounded like him.

She got out of bed and, curiously enough, turned off the light located near the door rather than turn it on. The woman opened the door and thought it was Lenny who entered the apartment, as it was dark and she couldn't see.

The two spoke momentarily and then the woman returned to bed. The male, who smelt of alcohol, also got into bed next to her.

The woman began talking to the male as if it were her boyfriend Lenny but was looking away from him while they were in the bed. She asked the male why he didn't use the key she gave him and he said he either lost it or left it at his father's house.

The male began to touch the womant's breasts and she responded "Oh boy, you're drunk and horny." He then asked her to have sex with him and she told him to make it quick because she had to work in the morning.

The woman removed her clothing and was calling him Lenny. The male then took off his clothing and got on top of the woman and inserted his penis into her vagina.

They had intercourse for several minutes during which time the woman wasn't looking at the male's face.

When the act was over, the male said, "Was that the best sex you ever had?" and "What are you going to tell Lenny?"

The woman got out of bed, turned the light on and saw that it was Lamont and not Lenny that she had sexual intercourse with. She threw the Lamont's clothes out the door and he left.

Shortly thereafter, the woman contacted the police and Lamont was taken into custody.

Lamont was originally charged with sexual misconduct, but a judge threw that out, ruling that since the affair was consensual, no misconduct had occurred even if the consent was obtained through fraud.

So prosecutors charged Lamont with criminal impersonation instead. His attorneys argued that since he'd done nothing to impersonate his brother, it wasn't his fault that the girlfriend had mistaken him for Leonard.

The jury deliberated for five minutes... and found Lamont not guilty.

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