Groped And Fingered: Part 3

by Margaret (Altoona, USA)

I still enjoy walking around in my birthday suit not only am I allowed to walk around the entire neighborhood but I am now allowed to walk anywhere in my birthday suit.

The nudist camp which I started inside my house has been made larger, I enlarged my nudist from just inside my house it has now grown to at least thirty blocks by thirty blocks.

I walk around through nudist colony which you could say is sixty square blocks now, I am greeted by everyone who lives in the nudist colony I began.

Entire families live in the nudist colony men, women all of which walk around, in their birthday suits some of us also have a nice size swimming pool in our yards.

I created a rule where instead of shaking hands the men are allowed to touch the breasts of all the women and they are also allowed to touch and finger the pussy of every woman.

I just love to have each and every man in the nudist colony feel, play with, grope, squeeze and other things with my breasts, they are allowed to pull and suck my nipples as long as they care to. They are also allowed to play with my pussy and finger it too.

I love to have fun during the sex games when a man places his cock head against my pussy hole and then enter my pussy hole going in my pussy as deep as they want. I love to have my pussy hole filled with their cum.

The third and final concert will be downtown and once again I will be going to the concert, the concert is on a Saturday night this time, well wouldn't you know it with this being the last concert of the season and I will be going to listen to the band play.

The day has come for the concert wouldn't you believe but this day would happen to be the hottest day of the year. Once again I couldn't wear what I was going to wear because of the extreme heat, tonight the concert would be the longest concert of the year.

Does anyone remember what baby doll pajamas used to be, well that is what I chose to wear tonight, this baby doll pajama set is on the quite sexy and revealing pair, only I decided that I was only going to wear the top part, I decided to leave the bottoms at home.

The concert being the last one was going to be from 6 pm until midnight, once again I decided to sit in the back so that I could leave early to go home. I was sitting on the wall that was in the far back, all of the men both young and old couldn't keep their eyes off me.

They just stared at my huge breasts and their eyes popped and their mouths drooled, they also couldn't keep their eyes off of my pussy, everything was going great for the first four hours.

Finally around eleven pm some of the men began playing with my huge breast and they groped my breast extremely rough, a couple also started playing with my pussy, they started noticing how my pussy and my breasts was being groped roughly.

They now started fingering my pussy also very rough, while this was going on I was really getting extremely wet now, just before I was leaving to go home one placed his big cock head against my pussy lips, he entered his cock into my pussy lips, I was fucked by this man.

He fucked my pussy extremely hard, rough, and going extremely deep, this went on for twenty minutes making me to have many extremely massive orgasms, after this was done I was allowed to leave.

I finally left and went home and this time nobody followed me, I made it home and I removed the top of the baby doll as I stepped up on the porch. I was now back to where I was feeling free once again, which is walking around in my birthday suit, I even sleep in the nude.

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