The Teacher

by dedalus

My name is Daniela T., I am 44 years old and I am a beautiful woman with long light brown hair, medium breasts and a round ass.

Writing about me is not that difficult. I am a simple person and I value feelings, fundamental traits of Scorpio natives. I am a mixture of cultures: Dad, as I call him today, is the son of Italians and Mom, who has been resting in God since I was 17 years old, is a Portuguese and indigenous daughter.

I was born in the city of Caieiras, in Greater São Paulo, on a spring dawn. I am the only girl in the couple and I have a brother a year younger than me. Still in childhood, I met the first stages of life as a member of the São Paulo Ballet School.

At that time, my project was to be a great dancer, but I grew up and completely changed my course. I studied Physical Education and I graduated in Pedagogy, with complementation in Educational Psychology and Specialization in Educational Management.

I got married very young. I have three wonderful children: Isa, Raul and Gabi.

My drama started on March 11, 2005, when I was the victim of an act of barbarism, during a rebellion in the old Franco da Rocha Febem. I was 29 and worked as an educator at the unit for less than three months.

The day before the events, some minors, also interns of the place, as leaders of the movement started a riot, beginning the destruction of rooms, computers, windows etc. And at dawn, when my colleague Angela and I, the employee Antônio, arrived at the place to work, we faced the rebellion that was already being suppressed by the shock police of the military police.

Some insurgent inmates proposed that they join us in the unit to avoid the violent action of the police. So, the three of us, in the company of my husband Humberto, who also works at the unit, entered the place. It happens that, in the afternoon, some minor and other inmates, with bladed weapons, prevented us from leaving the place, keeping us in private prison, and subjugated Humberto and Antônio, leading them to the main gate as hostages, to be used as a “human shield” in the event of a police reaction.

Then four young people, whom I knew by the name of David, Gleidson, Ronaldo and Diego, turned their attention to me and Angela.

As a result, Angela was forced to masturbate Ronaldo, 18, and Diego, 19, and kiss them.

I was guided by David, aged 18, to a room, where under threats of killing my husband, he forced me to take off my clothes.

I took off the white apron first. Then the shoe, pants and panties. I asked David to let me put on my shirt because I wanted to be able to look at my body again when it was over. So I lay on the mat, spread my legs and David started licking my vagina.

While I received oral sex from David, 18-year-old Gleidson was watching the front door.

Then David lay on top of me and entered me slowly, very slowly, but deeply.

I didn't cry. From time to time, while raping me, David returned to the subject:

- But you're not doing anything you don't want, are you? I'm not in the mood to get screwed in court ...

I hid, shook my head, answered what the young man wanted to hear. I asked him to go soon, ‘because it’s dangerous to enter someone’.

David reached orgasm, without a condom and without interrupting intercourse. At that moment, Gleidson entered the room. He proposed to 'share the lady'.

I remained lying down. Gleidson made me stay on all fours, positioned himself behind me and penetrated me, although he warned that he would not 'make fun of it because you are a believer'.

I'm so tired, why are you doing this to me?

"Because we like a serious woman," said Gleidson.

While Gleidson penetrated me, Ronaldo and Diego arrived at the place. Ronaldo positioned himself in front of me and pulled out his penis. He lowered my head, put his penis in my mouth and I started to suck it.

After a few minutes, Gleidson came in my vagina and Ronaldo positioned himself behind me. He penetrated me while being forced to suck Diego's cock.

I was saved by a fifth teenager. He pretended he was going to rape me, but he ended up helping me out of the room. He took me with the other employees and stayed there until the riot police entered.

Since then, I experienced a drama that culminated in the semi-destruction of the family structure. I divorced my husband Humberto and I am currently married to Hernan G. and I live in Argentina with my family.

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