Korean Store Robbery

by dedalus

On April 3, around 5.00 p.m., two black men armed with a semiautomatic pistol and a knife entered the Family Store in Minneapolis. The store was owned by Dong Sung Kim, a Korean immigrant.

While the younger man, who was about 20, threatened Mr.Kim and his wife, T.S.K., with the gun, the older one, who was about 25, emptied the cash register. The younger man ripped the telephone from the wall and struck both Mr.Kim and his wife several times with his gun, then he also tore a diamond pendant from Mrs.Kim's neck.

While the robbery was in progress, a customer, K.D., a 33-year-old Korean married woman, and her 4½-year-old daughter, entered the store. They tried to leave when they realized what was happening, but the younger robber motioned them inside with his pistol.

He took Mrs.D's watch and purse, forced them down one of the store aisles, and told Mrs.D to strip. When she did not undress quickly enough, the robber became angry and ripped her clothes off. Her daughter witnessed the entire incident.

The younger robber ordered everyone to the rear of the store and told Mrs.D to send her daughter to the basement nearby.

While in the rear of the store, the younger robber, still armed, forced Mrs.D, who was completely naked, to get on her hands and knees in front of him. He then lowered his pants, pulled out his penis and ordered the woman to "suck it". The woman complied.

After a while, the younger man got on his knees right behind Mrs.D. and began to lick the woman's vagina and anus. In the meantime the older robber, standing in front of the woman, pulled out his penis from his pants and put it in the woman's mouth. As Mrs.D was sucking the man's penis, the younger robber put his hands on the woman's hips and penetrated her anally. Mr.Kim and his wife were present at the time.

The younger man next ordered Mrs.Kim to undress. She protested but, when the robber put a gun to her head, she removed all of her clothing. Next the robber made her bend over a table and put his penis at the entrance of her vagina.

When he penetrated Mrs.Kim, the woman's husband tried to intercede but the older robber struck him. The younger man wasn't able to push deeply his penis into Mrs.Kim's vagina, because she was "too tight".

So, after few thrusting into her, he withdrew his penis.

Next the younger man pushed Mrs.D, who was still on her knees, against Mrs.Kim's lower body and ordered her to "suck that pussy". Mrs.D. complied and performed oral sex on the woman

After that, the younger man ordered Mrs.D. to lie on her back and struck her with his gun hand when she moved too slowly. The man then got on top of Mrs.D. and made the woman put her legs on his shoulders. He then took a pop bottle which was on the floor and put it at the entrance of Mrs.D.'s anus.

He then penetrated the woman's vagina with his erect penis and he pushed at the same time the pop bottle into the woman's anus. Mrs. D. screamed loudly. After few seconds, the robber removed the bottle, still pushing his penis deeply and ejaculating finally into the woman.

After he had finished, the younger robber ordered everyone to the basement.

Mr.Kim called the police from an office phone in the basement. The younger robber came down to the basement shortly afterward, demanding Mrs.D's bank card identification number.

She gave him a number, apparently realized it was wrong, and the man hit her. Before she could tell him again, the older man yelled from upstairs that he had seen some police officers, and both fled out the back door.

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