Groped And Fingered In Public

by Margaret (Altoona, USA)

It was extremely hot on this day and there was a concert scheduled to play downtown, the concert was to begin around 6 at night and was to end around 10 pm.

It was extremely hot that I decided to change from what I was going to wear into skimpy and very revealing top my nipples was visible through my top, the size of my breasts also showed.

I put on a very short pair of shorts, they were also quite a bit on the tight side, so tight that I didn't wear panties, I had no idea what was going to happen at the concert.

When I was at the concert and enjoying the great music, I didn't notice that there were eight men watching every move I was making until after dark.

Sometime after 9 when it was dark suddenly I was grabbed by four men, I was carried to a large van and put inside, once inside I was gagged and tied up with my legs spread far apart.

They drove far out of town until they came to a old vacant farm house. I was carried inside the house. I was tied on top of the only piece of furniture there was in the house, it happened to be a large table.

I was tied up on the table with my legs spread so far apart that my shorts actually split open exposing my pussy. One of them started groping my breasts while another played with my pussy.

They decided to cut off my blouse and what was left of my shorts. I am now laying on the table completely naked, my breasts was groped, twisted and tortured, my nipples was twisted, pulled hard and sucked making my pussy very wet.

They got excited seeing how wet my pussy was, they decided to tie my breasts up and torture them, after my pussy was fingered they removed their clothes and started raping me. I was raped repeatedly for three hours, then they decided to take a break leaving me tied up.

They came back about an half hour later and once again they started repeatedly raping me, after I had been tied naked to the table for six hour they finally untied me placed me back in the van.

They took me to the neighborhood where my house was, I was pushed out of the van and they disappeared leaving me standing there completely naked.

After I was standing in the street completely naked for a while I noticed how good it felt, so now I walk around completely naked both inside and outside my house.

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