Raped By My Dad

by Margaret (Altoona, USA)

After mom passed away dad let me move back home. I moved in while my dad was up at the camp mom and dad bought. I was unpacking when my dad came home.

It all started that day, dad pulled my top up and started groping my breasts, he then pulled my bra up exposing my huge 46c breasts, dad suddenly said that now my breasts were his, he began to grope my breasts and getting rougher as he went.

My breasts was squeezed, twisted and tortured. he pulled on the nipples and even sucked them, my nipples was now becoming very hard and erect, my breasts and nipples after being groped and pulled was now causing me to become very wet in my pussy.

He then left my room so I could finish putting my things away. I was walking in the living room to sit down, he placed his hand down in my pants and was feeling my pussy.

He felt how wet my pussy had become from him groping and playing with my breasts earlier, the longer my dad felt my pussy the wetter my pussy became.

I felt a finger enter in my pussy lips, dad was now teasing my clit. I felt myself begin to get soaking wet, this made him very happy and I was fingered even faster.

After that day dad groped my breasts every morning and fingered my pussy every evening, this went on for about five months.

Then one night after I had got ready for bed, I put on my favorite short nightgown, it was like just the top of baby doll pajamas, after I had went to bed my dad walked into my bedroom naked, he pulled my covers down and he climbed on top of me.

Dad ripped my nightgown off, he groped my breasts even rougher then before, my nipples was pulled even harder, my nipple are now very erect, my pussy was so wet that it was making my bed wet.

He moved his hands down my body and began fingering and teasing my clit even rougher then before, my pussy was getting even wetter, dad then started to finger fuck me, dad started with one finger going in deep, then two fingers, then three fingers and finally four fingers, as dad was now fingering me he was going very rough.

He finger fucked me so deep that he started to move his fingers inside me forcing me to have a massive orgasm, dad then forced my legs apart and pushed his big cock in my vagina.

Dad was now fucking me, I was now being raped repeatedly by my dad, he did this every night now for two more months, every night dad walked into my bedroom completely naked and climbed on top of me and repeatedly rape me.

Dad also ordered me that I had to be completely naked inside the house, dad made sure of that by taking all my clothes, the only clothes that dad allowed me to wear inside was a very short skirt, so short that my pussy was showing.

Dad forced me to wear that skirt every day so he could finger me every day, dad had some of his friend over to have sex with me as well.

They all groped my breasts, finger my pussy and every one of them raped me repeatedly until I had many massive orgasms, when his friends left instead of kissing me they either squeezed my breasts or fingered me.

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