Groped And Fingered In Public: Part 2

by Margaret (Altoona, USA)

There was another concert downtown and the band that was playing there was a one of my favorite bands. I sat in the rear so that I could leave and go home before the concert was over.

The concert this time was from 6 pm and went until 11 pm, once again it was a extremely hot. I changed my clothes and put some clothes on that I would be a lot cooler.

Tonight I decide to wear a lacy top and a short and quite sexy top where my breasts showed, I mean showed because this top I was wearing they only part of my breasts that did not show was my nipples.

Again I decided to wear a very short pair of shorts, only I altered the pair of shorts by cutting a hole between my legs, I did not wear panties once again.

I chose a spot in the back right near the lights, the lights made it look like I did not have a top on at all, the lights made me look like I was topless, wearing that top made all of the men eyes pop.

Their mouths began to drool, they were whistling loudly, around 9:30 a few of the men and older teens which was standing back around where I was, two of them began to feel my breasts.

I jut stood like I did not notice, one notice I had a hole in my shorts and placed a finger or two in the hole touching me in my pussy. I felt my pussy starting to get wet.

This lasted for about a half hour to forty minutes, around ten thirty I decided to leave and went back home, as I was walking back home quite a few men and older teenagers followed me home.

About three quarters the way home two men grabbed m,. this time instead of just groping my breasts my top was ripped completely off showing my huge breasts to everyone including people driving by in cars.

Some was so distracted that two drivers starring at my huge naked breasts they drove up the lamp posts.

Finally about a block away from my house of course by that time there was only five men left who was still following me, one block away from my house my shorts too was ripped off.

Now here I am now walking in the nude which is actually the way I love to be, I turned around and thanked them for ripping off my shorts so my body can breathe but I didn't thank them by giving each one a kiss.

Instead I allowed them to grope and suck my breasts and play with and finger my pussy, I then went the rest of the way home naked. I went onto my porch and into my house

If or when there is another concert downtown I will go to the next concert completely naked, I love walking around both inside and outside my house naked.

I also go for walks around the neighborhood naked and sometimes I have some of my neighbors now walking with me naked too and at times entire families join me as well.

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