I Bet She Started To Enjoy It

by dedalus

On July 18, Lorie S., 36, and her four children, ages three months to fourteen years, went to look at a house that they were interested in purchasing. Lorie and her husband were looking for a larger home and found an ad in the newspaper describing a home in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Lorie called Mr. T., the owner of the home, and set up an appointment to view the the property, located at the end of a street in a secluded area.

Lorie's husband, who works the night shift, did not accompany his wife and children to the home.

Lorie and her four children arrived at the home a few minutes before the prearranged meeting time with Mr.T., who had not yet arrived.

Lorie was carrying her three month-old child in a car seat when they approached the home.

Lorie saw a white car in the driveway and assumed it belonged to the owner of the home. She and her children were met in the driveway by two men, a tall black male in his twenties and a short one who was about 18.

The men had been out drinking the night before and slept in the house, believing it to be abandoned. When the black men heard the car approaching, they armed themselves. The taller one had a handgun, and the shorter one had an aluminum baseball bat. The first one put on a ski mask, and the second one covered his face with pantyhose.

Lorie and her children were met by the young black men and were told to get down on the ground.

In the meanwhile, Mr.T. arrived and drove down the driveway, and Lorie and her children were all forced into the house and ordered to get into a closet while the black men lay in wait for Mr T.

Mr. T.entered the home and was surprised by the two men who immediately demanded his wallet. Mr T. complied and was hit in the head with the baseball bat, knocking him unconscious. The two men then tied him up with cords that they found in the house.

While Mr.T.'s beating was taking place, Jason, the Lorie's fourteen year old son, told his mother to take off her jewelry and set it by the closet's door in hopes the men would take it and leave. Lorie complied but when the taller of the two men returned, he took her away.

Lorie's children started crying and asking what the black man was doing with their mother.

Lorie was taken into another room where the taller man showed her the bloodied and motionless Mr.T., appearing to be dead, telling her that if she did not cooperate that the same thing would happen to her. Lorie was then forced to get her purse from her vehicle and give the men her cash and ATM card.

Next the taller man told Lorie to come upstairs because he wanted to show her something else.

When they reached the top of the stairs the man took Lorie into a room and told her to take her clothes off, except for her shirt, which he told her to pull over her head, and then he told her to lay on the floor.

When Lorie was lying on the floor. the tall man removed his mask and got down on her. He started licking her large breasts and sucking her erect nipples. The man then moved down and put his head against her vagina. Lorie spread her legs wide apart and the man performed a cunnilingus to her.

Next the black man pulled out his penis already erect and put it at Lorie's vaginal opening. He then pushed slowly his penis into her vagina and began to thrust deep into it. Lorie put her hands on the man's hips and began to moan loudly.

After ten minutes, the man withdrew his penis and made Lorie turned around. He then began to lick Lorie's buttocks and anus. The woman got on her hands and knees as the man was still licking her anal opening. He then inserted his penis' head into Lorie's rectum. When the man's penis slided into her hole, Lorie moaned again. The man and Lorie had anal intercourse for about 10 minutes and the man ejaculated into her.

When the man pulled out his penis from Lorie's anus, she lost control of her bodily functions.

She was then ordered to put her clothes back on and was taken back downstairs where the short man was located.

There, the taller man demanded the code for her bank card. He then left her in a room with the other man to go verify the access number with Joseph.

After realizing that Lorie had lost control of her bodily functions, the short man ordered Lorie to “clean herself up.”

She did so and was then ordered to remove all of her clothing once again. After she removed her clothing, the short man put her clothing in the toilet to prevent her from escaping. Once she was again naked, she was forced to get on her knees in front of the short man.

Knowing she had no choice, Lorie pulled down the man's pants and pulled out his large penis, moving her face towards it. With her tongue she touched the underside of the man's penis. Lorie licked cautiously at his hard shaft, then she licked his penis from his glans to its root and back again. She then opened her mouth wide, moved her lips to his glans and stuffed the man's penis into her mouth.

While Lorie was on her knees, the taller man brought her son Jason in the room. He saw his mom completely naked as she was sucking hard the black man's erect penis. She saw her son and she stopped for a while. She was ashamed. The man then pushed her head down on his penis and she began to suck again. After few minutes, the man released his sperm into Lorie's mouth, and she swallowed it.

After performing oral sex on the short man, Lorie, not knowing that her clothing had been put in the toilet, asked if she could put her clothes back on but was forced to remain naked.

The two men then bound the mother and son together by their necks and torsos with computer wire and cords from the window blinds and then threw a sheet over them.

Finally, the black men left the house, promising to return if the PIN number given by Lorie was incorrect.

Although he was still disoriented, Mr.T. was able to get free and got to search Lorie. She began to yell for help. Hearing them, Mr.T. came into the room, as Jason was able to get the wires loose enough to slip out of the confinement. Lorie then cut herself free using a pair of fingernail clippers that she had in her purse.

She covered herself with the sheet that had been draped over her and her son, got her three other children out of the closet, and exited the home. Jason ran to the minivan and discovered that the keys were still in the van. Lorie and her children got in the van and drove down the driveway to pick up Mr.T., who was still very disoriented and who was walking to the neighbor’s house to get help. Lorie's fourteen year old son drove Lories to the emergency room for help.

The black men were stopped the following afternoon by an officer, arrested and placed in custody.

At the police line-up meeting that night, a dozen officers were discussing the seriousness of the crime when Sgt. Carl H. asked if the victim was black or white.

Upon learning that she was white, and the two suspects in custody were black, Carl H. said that “oh, I bet … she started to enjoy it and rocked back.”

Lorie S. now lives in Virginia with three of her children. Her divorce was finalized just over a year after the attack. Her former husband, Joe S., still lives in Vicksburg with their fourth child.

“There was a lot of stress in our lives after the attack, and it just took its toll on us,” Joe S. said at the time of the divorce.

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