Lesbian Sexuality – How do Lesbians Really Kiss?

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According to Master and Johnson research lesbian sexuality enjoys greater sexual satisfaction than heterosexual women. Lesbian have better understanding of each other sexuality because they spend more time communicating with each other as to what they like and dislike in sexual relationships. Lesbian experience less anxiety during sexual interaction because they are focus on the sexual act and understand how each other respond to touch. They know how to trigger and enhance each other sexual arousal and orgasm.

Lesbian sexuality is more comfortable using erotic language to sexually arouse each other during sexual interaction. Lesbian sexual interaction last longer because they spend more time on sensual touching all over the body before touching the genital.

They spend more time exploring each other sexuality that allows them to experience more orgasms than heterosexual women. Lesbian enjoys greater sexual satisfaction because most prefer sensual kissing and touching all over the body to increase arousal and most enjoy oral stimulation and manual stimulation of the genital that lead to orgasm.

Lesbian sexuality enjoys sexual play that involves kissing, touching, oral stimulation, manual stimulation, sucking on breasts, and vaginal penetration with the use of finger, tongue or sex toys. Lesbian enjoys greater sexual satisfaction even with lack of vaginal intercourse.

According to Master and Johnson many lesbians do not prefer the use of dildos for vaginal penetration. Most lesbian also enjoys sexual play that involves full body contact and finds this process to be very exciting. They enjoy rubbing each other genital together or rubbing genital against each other’s body and genital area, and they also enjoy rubbing clitoris against each other’s pubic bone.

The process of rubbing genital against each other’s body is referred to as tribadism. Tribadism can be perform on different part of the partner’s body where a lesbian can rub her genital against her partner’s thigh, pubic bone or genital area. In this type of sexual activity both partners are naked during sex play to enhance pleasure and arousal, however for those who are more sensitive to direct stimulation may prefer indirect stimulation with clothes on.

Lesbian enjoys mutual masturbation where both partners take turn stimulating each other genital. Most prefer stimulation of the entire genital area and some may prefer direct stimulation of the clitoris. Some may prefer vaginal penetration and others may prefer non-penetrative stimulation. The stimulation of genital area may involve the use of mouth, tongue, fingers, and sex toys.

Oral stimulation is also common among lesbian sexuality where both partners enjoys giving, receiving or both giving and receiving at the same time. Some may prefer to take turn giving or receiving so she can either enjoy the process of pleasing her partner or she can focus on the pleasure of receiving. Some enjoys giving and receiving simultaneously so that both partners can enjoy the pleasure of receiving and pleasing each other at the same time.

The breast and nipples is also an important erogenous zones and many lesbian enjoy having her breast fondle. Breast and nipple play may also involve licking or sucking on the breasts and nipples during sexual activity to enhance pleasure and arousal. Some may prefer to rub both sets of breasts together as part of the sexual activity.

Lesbian sexuality may also include anal stimulation as part of their sexual activity which may involve rimming or anal penetration. Rimming is oral stimulation of the anus that involves the use of tongue to stimulate around the anus. Rimming is also very risky as it can increase the risk of transmitting STDs and other infections from oral to anal contact if one of the individual is infected.

Anal penetration may involve the use of fingers or sex toys to penetrate the anus. Anus has numerous nerve endings and it is always a safe practice to use sufficient lubricants to reduce pain during anal penetration and to avoid causing nerve damage to the anus.

Even though lesbian couples enjoy greater sexual satisfaction but they have sex less often than gay or heterosexual couples. Lesbian does not share the same value as heterosexual couples because their relationships are not based on normal social condition and they get to choose the relationship they want.

Some may prefer to engage in multiple loving sexual relationships and some may prefer to be in long-term committed relationship with one partner. Lesbian tends to treat each other as equal partners, friends, and lovers in a relationship. Some enjoy dominant role, some enjoy submissive role and some enjoy dominant and submissive role during sexual interaction. 

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