Lesbian Couples – Famous Lesbians & Butch Lesbians Vs Femme Lesbians

Lesbian couples are different from heterosexual couples in a way most lesbians get to choose the relationship they want.  Lesbian relationships do not always consist of man and woman in a relationship refers to as butch lesbian and femme lesbian.  Butch described lesbian who is more masculine in appearance and femme described lesbian with feminine appearance.

Most lesbian couples tend to treat each other as friends, lovers, and equal partners in a relationship.  There are no gender roles assigned to lesbian where one is the man and the other is woman in a relationship.  Most lesbians treat each other as equal partner and take turns sharing roles equally when it comes to cooking, doing chores and housework, or making love in bedroom.

Lesbian couples are able to understand each other more than couples in heterosexual relationships.  Lesbians are better at communications and they are able to communicate with each other more because they are both women.  Women have far superior communication skills than men, women are emotional creatures and when two women talk they are able to communicate with each other in details and connect with each other emotionally and intellectually.

Most men don’t go deep into details when communicating with women and for this reason most men don’t understand women and most women don’t understand men in heterosexual relationships.  When fight takes place in heterosexual relationships it tends to get out of proportions at times because of misunderstanding of each other.  When lesbian couples fight it mostly involved deep discussion about things that hurt each other feelings.  

Lesbians are also better at understanding each other body and lesbian sexuality.  Lesbians enjoy amazing sexual satisfaction because they are able to connect with each other at deeper level and they know how to trigger each other sexual arousal through sensual kissing, sensual touching, and sexual foreplay.  Some lesbians most often not may prefer the use of sex toys for vaginal and anal penetration.   

During sexual activity or love making lesbians takes turn pleasing each other in bed.  However, in terms of sexual preference some enjoy being dominant, some enjoy being submissive, and some enjoy taking turn being dominant and submissive in bed.  

Even though lesbians enjoys amazing sexual satisfaction but they have sex less often than gay or heterosexual couples and having less sex does not affect lesbian relationships.  Lesbians are also better at understanding each other menstrual cycle problems where most men failed to understand women in heterosexual relationships and knows when to give each other space during such time.

When it comes to beauty lesbians feel insecure if her partner is better looking or more beautiful than her and this can also lead to jealousy because her partner is getting more attention.  Even though lesbians are better at communicating with each other they also have problems in relationships just like any other relationships.

Developing healthy stable relationships takes time just like any other relationships that required commitment from both partners.  Some may not be ready to make long-term commitment and need more time in current relationships.  Some may prefer to get involved in multiple sexual relationships with either butch lesbian or femme lesbian.

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