Celibacy – Everyone Must Stopped Masturbating (Funny Video)

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Voluntary celibacy is refer to a person who refrains from having sexual intercourse and chose not to engage in sexual relationship. There are two types and these are complete and partial. Complete is when a person chose not to masturbate and does not make contact with anyone that would engage in sexual behavior. Partial is when a person only engages in masturbation but does not make sexual contact with anyone.

Some people chose not to engage in sexual relationship until they have found the right person or when they are in meaningful relationship and decide to take it to the next level. This behavior is more closely related to religious beliefs where a person does not engage in sexual behavior due to religious practice that require them to abstinence from sex.

Some may chose to wait until marriage before engaging in sexual activity for ethical reasons and some who were not happy in past relationship may need more time to establish new relationships before engaging in any types of sexual interaction.

Some may chose not to engage in sexual intercourse simply because they don’t like sex. Some who are less fortunate may experience involuntary celibacy because they are not good looking enough to find a partner who would have sex with them or for various other reasons making them unattractive enough for others to have sex with them.

When a person refrains from having sex this is a conscious decision made by an individual not to engage in sexual behavior. This behavior is not considered a person’s sexual expression. Sexual expression in a sexual relationship involves making love and developing deep emotional connection for each other in a more meaningful relationship.

In a sexual relationship if one partner decide not to engage in sexual activity due to poor health and sexual difficulties could deprived of the other partner with sexual gratification they enjoyed previously and this could also create sexual problems in relationship.

There are various other reasons that a person refrains from having sex and these may include fear of unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, sexual disorder, sexual difficulties, physically unprepared and nervousness caused by anxiety associated with involvement in a sexual relationship. People affected by anxiety can take the time to learn more about their sexual feelings and desire, and also learn the skills that would help them to overcome and handle anxiety in sexual relationships.

Some people may be sexually repressed in the past and tend to associate negative beliefs towards any types of sexual interaction and for this reason a person may refrain from having sex because the negative beliefs may be too painful or shameful when they think about sex.

There are advantages and disadvantages associated with celibacy. Some of the advantages may include the following.

• Enjoy privacy and individuality.
• Explore own sexual feelings and desire.
• Avoid unwanted pregnancy.
• Avoid sexually transmitted diseases.
• Avoid social pressure or rushing into sex.
• Learning skills to handle anxiety in sexual relationship.
• Dating without the commitment of sexual relationship.
• Loving someone unconditionally improve the quality of relationship.
• Sex after marriage increases the chance of long lasting relationship.
• Developing deep emotional connection which is more important than sex.
• Positive feelings of knowing someone love you for who you are.

Some of the disadvantages may include the following.

• Experience loneliness.
• Experience lack of physical and emotional affection.
• Does not experience sexual pleasure or self-pleasure.
• Does not have the opportunity to explore various types of sexual activity.
• Does not have the opportunity to share intimacy with anyone.
• Absence from sexual intimacy for long period until you meets the right person.
• Establishing new relationships after long period of abstinence can be difficult and frightening.

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