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The Kama Sutra is an ancient Hindu text written in Sanskrit language that focuses on love, life, erotic and sensual pleasure.  Kama means sensual or sexual pleasure, and Sutra means a thread that holds things together.  The entire ancient Hindu text was translated from Sanskrit into English in 1883 by Sir Richard Francis Burton with the help of Indian archaeologist, Bhagwanlal Indraji.

The earliest text was originally known as Kama Shastra attributed to Nandi the sacred bull.  Today the ancient text is known as Kama Sutra which is the oldest text on this subject written by Hindu philosopher Vatsyayana.  Vatsyayana is believed to have lived in India between 4th to 6th centuries CE during the time of Gupta Empire.

Based on Indian philosophies there are four main goals of life followed by Hindus.  Dharma (live with high moral value), Artha (live a secure life), Kama (practice erotic and sensual pleasure), and Moksha (cycle of death and rebirth).

Dharma is the highest goal where one should live with the highest moral value.  Artha is next where one should live a secure life by making a living but without compromising moral value.  Kama is the least important in which the first two goals should always take precedence over erotic pleasure.

Kama is the aims of life that assures the transmission of life in connection with human sexuality.  Hence Kama is the enjoyment of erotic and sexual pleasure associated with human sexuality and reproduction that assures the continued existence of human life.

Kama is about passionate love making, eroticism, and sexual pleasure based on different kind of sexual union or sexual intercourse. 

The original Kama describes 64 types of sexual acts that focus on the intent to stimulate desire with different types of embraces, different types of kissing, marking on the body with nail and biting that increases love, different types of sexual positions lying down, sexual intercourse that involve striking different part of the body with passion and moaning, women acting the part of a man during sexual intercourse, engaging in oral sex, and how to end the sexual union. 

The Kama manual does not focus exclusively on sexual intercourse with only small portion of the ancient text on sexual union and the rest on gracious living and family life.  There are now more than 400 different types of Kama Sutra sexual positions with slight variations from the original 64 sexual acts of coitus.   

The different variations of Kama love making positions are based on the following sexual acts.

• Lying Down Positions
• Lying Down Positions – Samputa Group
• Sexual Positions from the Medieval Texts
• Sitting Positions
• Rear-Entry Positions
• Standing Positions
• Oral Pleasures (Fellatio)
• Oral Pleasures (Cunnilingus)
• Role Reversal

In modern society many people practice Kama Sutra to boost sex life and to enhance passionate love making.  Sex life can get boring when it becomes a routine and practicing Kama can help spice up sex life by engaging in different types of sexual positions that are erotic as well as sensual.

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