What is Coitus – How to Have Better Sex?

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Coitus is referred to sexual intercourse, a sexual activity that involved penis penetrating a vagina. Most people participate in sexual intercourse for pleasure and for sexual gratification. This type of sexual activity also allow for deep emotion connection between couples with desire to express feeling of love, intimacy, and affection for each other. Some do it for procreations reason and others may chose not to participate for religious beliefs.

According to survey conducted by American and Canadian sex therapist good sexual intercourse last minutes and not hours as depicted in porn films. The results from the survey indicate that sexual intercourse between 1 to 2 minutes was too short, 3 to 7 minutes was adequate, 7 to 13 minutes was desirable, and 10 to 30 minutes was too long. This information is based on realistic data so that you don’t have unrealistic expectation based on porn films.

If you want your sexual activity to last more than the desirable time you can spice it up with foreplay. Unlike men who gets arouse easily and quickly, women needs lot of foreplay to get sexually excited and aroused before coitus and this is also great for extending your sexual activity.

According to world sex survey, people have sexual activity about 103 times per year and that is almost 2 times per week. Individuals who are concerned about how many times they should have sex or how long they should last in bed can use these data to determine if they are suffering from any types of sexual disorder that would deviates them from normal sexual activity.

Everyone have their own preference for the type of sexual positions they prefer during coitus which may also vary at any moment in time depending on the mood and other factors such as age, weight, and pregnancy. Some women may prefer to be on top so they have more control of the thrusting and other may prefer to be on the side-lying position facing each other so that both partners can hold each other closely during intercourse. Pregnant women may prefer rear entry position where the partner can take her from behind while she is lying comfortably on the side position.

There are different types of sexual positions that allows for different thrusting motion and stimulation. You can explore with your partner to find the best sexual positions that you are most comfortable with to enhance your pleasure and orgasms. Good communication between partners can also help to enhance pleasure and sexual arousal during intercourse. Unless both partners are disease free it is always a good idea to practice safe sex to avoid any types of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy.

There are three different sexual styles couples can practice to enhance their sexual activity and these include sexual trance, partner engagement, and role play. You can experiment with your partner to find out which sexual styles you prefer and enjoy the most.

Some couples enjoy sexual trance because it allows them to create an altered state of consciousness that create body sensation of sexual arousal. In this type of sexual activity couples prefer to give and receive pleasure that enhance body sensation and sexual arousal.

In order to understand sexual trance, each partner will have to focus on his/her own pleasure to discover what part of their body provide the most sensation from sexual stimulation. When you and your partner understand each other the types of sensation that feels good, both partners can become better at pleasing each other and experience more pleasure by focusing on giving and receiving sensation that are sexually fulfilling for each other.

Partner engaging in sexual activity that involves full body contact where both partner are facing each other with lots of eye contact, kissing, and hugging each other. Both partners are mainly focus on each other happiness with the desire to please and make each other happy. This type of sexual activity focus on sex play that is comfortable for both partner which also provide them with deep emotional connection. The couples prefer to express feelings of love and affection for each other and be able to relate to each other at the deeper level through coitus.

Some couples enjoy role play because it creates excitement, arousal, and fear of being caught. Some may prefer to play out a scene in public place and others may prefer role plays that involve dressing up, using sex toys, or acting out sexual fantasy in private settings. Sexual fantasy may involve making love to someone, forcing someone to have sex, being forced to have sex, or performing sex act that you would not do in reality.

Some couple also practices tantric sex in which both partners stimulate each other slowly prior to intercourse. During coitus the thrusting are kept to minimum but the focus is on the breathing where both partners focus on inhaling and exhaling together at the same time and visualizing the energy moving upward from the genitals in their bodies. This process would be stop to delay man’s orgasm so that the man could direct the sexual energy to his partner’s body creating a deep sense of intimacy, connection and feeling of ecstasy.

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