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How to Achieve Multiple Orgasms

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Multiple orgasms occur when individual experience more than one orgasm in a short period of time. According to Masters and Johnson research that many females who are capable of achieving regular orgasm are also capable of achieving five to six full orgasms within a short period of time through oral stimulation of the clitoris.

Even though most women are capable of achieving more than one orgasms but only a small percentage of women actually experience them. This is because women who are in relationship with other women tend to masturbate more often. Women who are in relationship with men tend to experience only one orgasm during sexual interaction because men are more likely to stop their sexual activity after reaching orgasm and not likely to continue any further sexual interaction.

Every women experience orgasm differently from one another and they have different like and dislike. Some women prefer to have more than one orgasm during sexual activity, other prefers only one orgasm, and yet other prefers not to have any orgasm at all.

Men are not capable of achieving more than one orgasm in a short period of time and this is because of the refractory period during which most men are not capable of returning to orgasm phase with further stimulation. However in some cases some men are able to achieve more than one orgasm with or without ejaculation in a short period of time.

Younger men are more likely to experience more than one orgasm than older men in a short period of time. Younger men have higher testosterone level and they can recover more quickly after initial orgasm and go on to experience another orgasm.

Even though women have the ability to experience multiple orgasms, men of any ages can also do the same with proper training given that he is a normal healthy man who is able to achieve regular orgasm without any preexisting condition.

Many men make the mistake of believing that after initial orgasm accompany by ejaculation, he needs to have another erection in order to qualify for multiple orgasms. This is false because a man can achieve true multi-orgasms without losing his erection between orgasms. This can only be accomplished by having orgasm without ejaculation.

Male orgasm and ejaculation are two different processes that do not take place at the same time even though most men associate orgasm with ejaculation as the same process because it happen so rapidly that you can’t distinguish the two different process. Orgasm always occur first follow by ejaculation.

Once a man ejaculates, he enters refractory period where he is not capable of having another orgasm with further stimulation within a short period of time. The processes by which a man can experience multi-orgasms without ejaculation involve the use of pelvic floor muscle also known as PC muscle. This is the same muscle that allows you to stop the flow of urine while urinating.

Practicing Multi-Orgasms

• Begin masturbating like you normally do.

• Stop at the point where you are about to ejaculate and squeeze your PC muscle for 10 seconds.

• Relax for few minutes and begin masturbating again.

• Again stop at the point where you are about to ejaculate and squeeze your PC muscle for 10 seconds.

• Relax for few minutes and continue masturbating again.

• Continue masturbating until you reach orgasm. As soon as you orgasm, ejaculation will follow by muscular contraction in the base of the penis. Squeeze your PC muscle tight to hold back your ejaculation and if this is done correctly, you avoid entering refractory phase.

• Start masturbating again and you should still feel very aroused because you avoided refractory phase. Repeat the last two steps to achieve multi-orgasms and you can decide whether or not to ejaculate in your final orgasm.

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