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The G-Spot was named after gynecologist Ernest Grafenberg in honor of his discovery of the erotic spot in 1950.  Numerous studies indicated that women who stimulated this area experience intense orgasm accompany by ejaculation.

This area is located on the front wall of the vagina underneath the urethra and surrounding gland.  You can locate this spot by inserting two fingers about one to three inches deep and pressing deeply into the tissues of the interior wall of the vagina. 

If you look at the picture below this area is located between the urethra and the vaginal opening.  When you locate this spot correctly you may experience initial sensations and feelings that include the need to urinate, slight discomfort, or pleasure.

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Some women experience very strong arousal from stimulating this area that leads to very intense orgasm.  Some women also experienced intense orgasm accompanied by ejaculation of fluid known as female ejaculation.

There are speculations that female ejaculation consists of seminal fluid with mild semen like scent and other researchers speculate female ejaculation consists of fluid similar to urine.

For some women, orgasm from GSpot stimulation can be more intense than clitoral stimulation.  Locating this area can be a little tricky because of the angle the finger has to enter to reach this spot.  If you don’t have the desire to locate this erotic spot, it is completely normal if you do not experience orgasm from GSpot.  

If you are having difficulty with reaching this spot with your fingers you can always use sex toys.  There are sex toys that are designed with curved tip on one end that allows you to reach this spot easier than before.  You can also stimulate the clitoris at the same time to enhance sexual pleasure.

You can either stimulate the clitoris with your fingers or with the use of sex toys.  There are sex toys that are designed specifically for stimulating the clitoris with or without penetration.  Clitoral vibrator can be used to stimulate the clitoris at the same time when stimulating the erotic spot.

The enhanced pleasure and sensation from stimulation of this area varies among women and the only way to discover the feelings and sensations is by self exploration or with the help of a sexual partner.

By learning and educating yourself about the part of the body you didn’t know existed gives you the opportunity to explore your inner body and to experience intense orgasm with erotic spot stimulation along with stimulation from different part of your body.

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