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Testosterone replacement therapy is use to treat testosterone deficiency in both men and women but it is more commonly used in men. As men get older the amount of testosterone produce in the testes decline and this is part of the normal aging process. Testosterone deficiency affects a man’s sex drive along with several other symptoms. Blood test can be performed by a doctor to be certain you have low testosterone level before TRT can begin.

Testosterone replacement therapy involve the use of testosterone supplements which can be administered in different forms depending on individual preference in terms of dosage and method of delivery and these include oral medication, testosterone gel, testosterone patch, and testosterone injections.

Testosterone can be taken orally as tablets or capsules. This may be the most convenient way to supplement testosterone which can be taken twice daily after meals but oral delivery can put strain on the liver and has been associated with liver cancer. Men with liver dysfunction should avoid oral delivery as it can cause more harm to the liver.

Testosterone gel is applied directly to the skin once every 24 hours. The gel can be applied on the upper arm or abdomen and it works by releasing constant dose of testosterone into the muscle. This method of delivery takes longer to bring testosterone level back to normal because it is slowly absorb into the muscle and the gel may transfer to other individual when it comes to contact with the skin.

Testosterone patch is also applied directly to the skin once every 24 hours. The patch can be applied on the upper arm, back, thigh, or abdomen and it works by releasing constant dose of testosterone into the muscle. This method of delivery also takes longer because testosterone is slowly absorbed into the muscle through the skin.

Testosterone can also be administered by injection every 2 to 4 weeks. The injection can cause rapid increase in testosterone level but it also has downside affects. When testosterone is injected into the body it also tends to fluctuate causing hormone imbalance and this can lead to mood swing, fatigue, and low sex drive until the next injection.

Testosterone replacement therapy is not recommended for individual with prostate cancer, breast cancer, heart disease, liver disease, or kidney disease. However, if you believed TRT can provide more benefits over risks than it is best to consult with your doctor for advice on recommended dosage and method of delivery that is best suitable for you.

Men who do not suffered from testosterone deficiency should avoid TRT. The use of testosterone is becoming more common among younger men who depend on testosterone supplement as a performance enhancement drug. Professional athletes and bodybuilders depend heavily on the use of testosterone to improve performance and to get bigger, stronger, faster, increase endurance, and faster recovery after workout and training.

The problem occur when his ability to produce natural hormones become affected when he supplement testosterone from external sources. When he supplement testosterone with TRT, his body shuts down natural production of testosterone and it may take several months before his body can recover and restore natural production of this hormone and during this time he may become dependent on TRT for his normal health function.

There are serious side effects associated with the use of TRT on men without testosterone deficiency and these may include the following.

• Acne
• Enlarged breasts (Gynecomastia)
• Sleep disorder
• Increase risk of heart disease
• Increase risk of prostate cancer
• Lower sperm production
• Testicle shrinkage

For these reasons normal aging men should avoid TRT unless you suffered from the deficiency.

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