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Transvestic Fetishism – Sexy Cross Dressers

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Transvestic fetishism is a sexual behavior in which an individual achieve sexual arousal from wearing clothing of the opposite sex. This type of behavior is considered one of the paraphilia where an individual engaged in unusual sexual behavior to achieve arousal that fulfills the sexual urges.

Transvestic fetishism is different from transgenderism and transsexualism. Transgender cross-dress for the purpose of socializing or entertaining as the opposite sex. Transsexual suffered from gender identity disorder where an individual is not happy with their biological sex and wishes to live the life of members of the opposite sex.

A person or a transvestite is considered to have transvestic fetishism if he had acted out his sexual urges by wearing a piece of woman’s clothing or if a person cannot achieve arousal until he is wearing a piece of woman’s clothing. Some transvestites may need to engage in this type of activity regularly to achieve arousal, some may engaged in this type of activity sometime to achieve arousal, and some may be able to achieve arousal without engaging in this type of activity.

In most cases of transvestism, a person achieves arousal by wearing a piece of woman’s clothing such as undergarments, bras, panties, lingerie, stocking, make-up, and high-heels. Transvestites usually performed this type of activity alone in the privacy of their homes to achieve arousal and sexual excitement. They may also achieve sexual gratification by masturbating or having sex with a partner while wearing a piece of woman’s clothing or make-up.

A person may engage in this type of activity for short period of time until sexual gratification has been achieved and it is very unlikely for individual to go out in public while dress up as the opposite sex. This type of behavior is different from sexual fetishism because a transvestite is actually wearing a piece of woman’s clothing to achieve arousal where as a person with sexual fetishism achieve arousal by focusing on specific objects or specific part of a human body.

Transvestic fetishism is more common among men and most transvestites do not achieve arousal from wearing unisex clothing. Most prefer wearing female clothing such as undergarments, bras, panties, lingerie, stocking, make-up, and high-heels to achieve arousal. It is also believed that some women also cross-dress by wearing men’s briefs and underwear to achieve arousal, but this type of behavior is less common among women.

Most male who engage in this type of behavior are heterosexual men and most of them are married with children. Some may tell their wives about their cross-dressing fetishes and many do not tell their wives for fear of how the wives will react and for fear they will lose the sexual urges once they reveal their fetishes and settled into married life. Even though most men who engage in this type of behavior are heterosexual, some may seek out sexual gratification with other men.

A person may develop this type of fetish in early childhood when the mother dressed the boy in girl’s clothes because she had always wanted a girl instead of a boy. A person may also develop this behavior in early childhood when the boy is punished by being forced to dress up as a girl. The boy may develop enjoyment dressed up as a girl and this may continued into his adolescent year.

Some men engage in this behavior to temporarily free themselves from the pressures and responsibilities of men. We lived in a society where men have many responsibilities as a father, husband, and provider for his family. This type of behavior allowed men to escape into female role completely dressed in woman’s clothing and the opportunity to express the feminine side of his personality.

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