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Some people engage in obscene phone call to achieve sexual arousal from the reaction they get from the victims. This type of sexual behavior is considered one of the paraphilia a person engage in to achieve sexual gratification. People who engage in this type of behavior have the same characteristics as those who engage in exhibitionism. Mostly men engaged in this type of behavior and they tend to be shy, insecure, and experience great anxiety when relating to the opposite sex.

Most men who engage in obscene phone call may use sexual language or abusive languages in an attempt to harassed or threaten the victims. The practitioners tend to get sexually arouse from the frightened or shock reaction they get from the victims where some may masturbate during the call and some may masturbate immediately right after the call. Individuals with this behavior also tend to develop more anxiety and hostility than those who engage in exhibitionism.

Research indicates harassing phone calls made to the victims are not random but targeted to individual they already know. Initially the calls are made to see what types of reaction they get from the victims and most of the times they prefer the victims to be frightened and shock and if they do not get the reaction they desire, they simply call other victims until they get the desire reaction.

In order to reduce the chance of becoming one of the victims to this type of calls, simply ignore the caller, don’t overreact and gently hang up the phone without showing any emotions as you do not want to give them the satisfaction that you are frightened or shock because this is the type of reaction they are seeking from victims. Screening incoming calls using call ID allow you to view the phone number of the callers and you can simply ignore the call or forward the call to voicemail if you recognized the caller phone number.

This is also a form of sexual harrassment which can be a problem if you continued to receive calls from harasser who blocked their phone number. However many phone companies offered services that allow you to trace the caller phone number and report to the police. Most harasser tends to make call from different payphone locations where many of these calls cannot be easily traced. If the calls cannot be trace by phone company the only option is to change your phone number and make sure the new number is not listed in the phone directory.

Normally when you received harassing phone calls you simply ignore the caller to discourage them from calling back, but however if you feel the caller had made serious threats on your life you should report the incidents to the police. When speaking to the police try to provide as much information as possible regarding the date and time of the call, contend of the call, indicate the types of accent and how the caller sounded, whether the caller is male or female, and if possible the phone number of the caller which may or may not show up on your caller ID depending on whether or not the phone number has been block by the caller.

Some of the best practice to discourage obscene phone call is to never engage in any type of conversation with the caller. Don’t disclose any personal information regarding your full name, phone number, address, and the number of people residing in your home. Don’t get angry or argue with the caller over the phone and gently hang up the call without showing any emotions. Family members should be informed about this situation and they should also be told to never disclose personal information to unknown callers.

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