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People with deviant sexuality engage in unusual sexual behavior to achieve sexual arousal and sexual gratification. Paraphilia is the term used to describe these types of sexual behavior that involved unusual sexual style and sexual interest to achieve the desire arousal and sexual gratification.

These behaviors are not the normal sexual activity engaged by most people during sexual interaction but deviant sex act where some are more extreme than others. The deviant sex acts listed below are rare and some of the terms may not be considered real paraphilias and there may be two or more terms that described similar sex act.

Abasiophilia – sexual attraction to people who are crippled and who used leg braces.
Acrotomophilia – sexual attraction to amputees.
Agalmatophilia – sexual attraction to statues, mannequins or immobility.
Algolagnia – deviant sexuality where a person achieve sexual pleasure from pain.
Andromimetophilia – sexual attraction towards female-to-male transsexual.
Anililagnia – sexual attraction by young men towards older women.
Apodysophilia – deviant sexuality where a person engage in compulsion exhibitionism.
Apotemnophilia – sexual arousal by fantasizing about becoming an amputee.
Asphyxiophilia – sexual arousal from self-strangulation.
Autoerotic asphyxiation – sexual arousal from self-induced strangulation to the point of near unconsciousness.
Autagonistophilia – sexual arousal from appearing on stage or on camera.
Autoandrophilia – female’s sexual arousal by imagining herself as male.
Autogynephilia – male’s sexual arousal by imagining himself as female.
Autonepiophilia – sexual arousal from being treated as an infant.
Autopedophilia – sexual arousal from fantasizing about becoming an infant.
Autoscopophilia – sexual arousal from looking at one’s own body or genitals.

Biastophilia – sexual arousal from violent assault and rape.

Chremastistophilia – sexual arousal from being robbed or held up.
Chronophilia – sexual attraction to a partner from different chronological age.
Coprophilia – sexual arousal from contact with feces.
Crush fetish – sexual arousal from seeing members of the opposite sex crushing food, small insects, or other objects.

Dacryphilia – sexual arousal by tears or crying.
Dendrophilia – sexual arousal by trees.
Diaperism – sexual arousal by wearing diapers.

Emetophilia – deviant sexuality where a person achieve sexual attraction to vomit.
Erotophonophilia – sexual arousal by lusting murder.
Exhibitionism – sexual arousal by exposing one’s genitals to unwilling observers.

Fetishism – sexual arousal by specific objects or non-genital body parts.
Formicophilia – sexual arousal by insects crawling on body parts.
Frotteurism – sexual arousal by rubbing against unaware victims in public.

Galactophilia – sexual arousal from breastfeeding or sucking on female’s breast.
Gerontophilia – sexual attraction towards elderly people.
Gynemimetophilia – sexual attraction towards transsexualism and transgenderism.

Hebephilia – sexual attraction towards children in the early years of puberty.
Homeovestism – sexual arousal by wearing clothing of one’s own sex.
Hybristophilia – sexual attraction towards people who have committed outrageous crimes.

Infantophilia – sexual attraction towards children five years old or younger.
Infanitilism – sexual pleasure from acting or being treated as a baby.

Kleptophilia – sexual arousal from stealing.
Klismaphilia – deviant sexuality where a person achieve sexual pleasure from enemas.

Lactaphilia – sexual arousal from breastfeeding or sucking on female’s breast.
Liquidophilia – sexual arousal by immersing genitals in liquids.
Lust murder – sexual arousal from committing murder.

Macrophilia – sexual attraction towards larger people.
Mammaphilia – sexual arousal from woman’s breasts.
Masochism – sexual arousal from receiving pain and humiliation.
Mechanophilia – sexual arousal from machines.
Menophilia – sexual arousal from menstruating women.
Microphilia – sexual attraction towards smaller people.
Mucophilia – deviant sexuality where a person achieve sexual arousal from human mucus.
Mysophilia – sexual attraction to dirt and soiled.

Narratophilia – sexual arousal from telling dirty and obscene words to a partner.
Nasophilia – sexual arousal from touching, kissing, or sucking the nose of a person.
Navel fetishism – sexual attraction to navels.
Necrophilia – sexual attraction to corpses.
Nepiophilia – sexual attraction to infants.

Olfactophilia – sexual arousal by smells and odors emanating from the body.

Partialism – sexual arousal by specific body parts that are non-genital.
Pedophilia – sexual attraction towards children in the early years of puberty.
Peodeiktophilia – sexual arousal from exposing one's penis.
Pedovestism – sexual arousal from dressing like a child.
Pictophilia – sexual arousal from excessive views of pornography or erotic art.
Piquerism – sexual pleasure from penetrating the body with sharp objects.
Podophilia – sexual attraction to human feet.
Pygophilia – sexual arousal caused by the buttocks.
Pyrophilia – sexual gratification from fire-starting activity.

Raptophilia – sexual arousal from committing rape or fantasizing about committing rape.
Renifleurism – sexual arousal by the smell of urine.
Retifism – sexual attraction towards shoes.

Sadism – sexual arousal from giving physical and emotional pain.
Salirophilia – sexual pleasure from soiling or dirtying others.
Scatophilia – sexual pleasure from contact with feces.
Scopophilia – sexual pleasure from viewing erotic objects.
Somnophilia – sexual attraction towards a sleeping person.
Sthenolagnia – sexual arousal from displaying strength or muscles.
Stigmatophilia – sexual arousal from piercings and tattoos.
Symphorophilia – sexual arousal from watching or staging a disaster.

Telephone scatologia – sexual arousal by making obscene phone calls to strangers.
Teratophilia – sexual attraction towards deformed people.
Transvestic fetishism – sexual arousal by wearing clothing of the opposite sex.
Transvestophilia – sexual attraction towards transvestites.
Trichophilia – sexual arousal by human hair.
Troilism – sexual arousal from watching one’s partner have sex with someone else.

Urophilia – sexual arousal by urinating on others or being urinated on.

Vampirism – sexual attraction to blood.
Vorarephilia – sexual arousal from the idea of eating or being eaten by others.
Voyeurism – sexual arousal from watching others get naked or engaging in sexual activity without them knowing.

Zoophilia – sexual attraction to animals.
Zoosadism – sexual pleasure from inflicting pain on animals.

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