Frotteurism – Pervert Exposed Genitals Caught on Video

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Frotteurism is the act of achieving sexual pleasure by pressing or rubbing against another in a crowded public place. This is considered one of the paraphilia that cause significant distress disrupting an individual work and social life. This type of activity usually take place in crowded environment in the bus, train, subway, or in the elevator where a person engage in this behavior without the victims knowing and without getting caught.

Mostly men engage in this type of behavior that involved some form of contact including rubbing his clothed genitals against a woman’s legs or buttocks. Some may achieve arousal and orgasm during the process of contact and some may replay mental image of the incidents later to enhance sexual arousal during masturbation.

Men who engage in frotteurism have the same characteristics as those who engage in exhibitionism where most are usually very shy, insecure, and lack social skills when interacting with others. This is their form of sexual expression that allows them to interact with others without the feeling of anxiety when relating to the opposite sex. Theory suggests individual may have developed this behavior when they accidently rubbed against another and discovered the sexual pleasure of rubbing against unaware victims.


Zoophilia is the act of engaging in sexual contact with animals. It appears more men than women who were raised on farms tend to engage in this type of activity. Farm animals that are usually involved include the sheep, donkeys, calves, dogs, and cats. Men that are most likely to have contact with farm animals may engage in penile to vaginal intercourse and some may prefer to have their genitals orally stimulated by the animals.

Women are most likely to have contact with house-hold pets where some may prefer to have their genitals orally stimulated by the animals and some may prefer masturbating a male dog. Some people developed this type of behavior as a form of sexual adventure and for some having sexual contact with animals is their only form of sexual expression. People who start out with sexual contact with animals usually make a transition to human partner later but some do not make this transition and this type of behavior is very rare.


Necrophilia is the act of achieving sexual gratification by viewing or having intercourse with a corpse. This sexual behavior is very rare and usually men engage in this type of activity. Men with this behavior have difficulty gaining access to death corpse and some may fulfilled the desire by hiring prostitutes to play the role of death corpse while the men have intercourse with the prostitutes. These men usually suffer from severe emotional disorders and are very hateful and frightened towards women.

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