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Most gay couples are similar to lesbian couples in a way that there are no gender roles assigned to gays where one of the couple is man and the other is woman in a relationship.  In most gay relationships both partner treat each other equally without assigning gender roles and simply put there are only two men in gay relationships.

Most heterosexual couples think that among gay or lesbian couples there must be man and woman in a relationship and this is not true.  Most of us learned about gender roles at very young age from our parents, peers, school, media and religion.  As a result we grow up believing that relationship only consists of one man and one woman. 

In gay relationships either partner can be the bread maker of the house.  Both partners can share the chores of cooking, washing dishes, laundry, or cleaning the house.  Both partners share equal responsibilities taking care of the baby such as changing diapers, feeding the baby, and looking after the baby.  There is also a misconception that children raised by gay or lesbian couples would end up gay and this is not true.

When it comes to gay sexuality men who are dominant or act as insertive partner are referred to as tops, whereas men who are submissive or act as receptive partner are referred to as bottoms.  However, many gay couples do not identify themselves as insertive partner or receptive partner because in most gay relationships anal intercourse is not considered an important part of their sexual relationship.

Most gay couples however enjoy showing affection such as kissing, hugging, caressing, massaging, and rubbing each other’s body as part of their sexual activity.  Couples in gay relationships desire love, romance, and commitment similar to romantic relationships among heterosexual couples. 

Regardless of sexual orientation each of us have sexual preference of what we like or dislike in sexual relationship and the same is true for gay, lesbian, bisexual, or straight.  Just because a person is straight doesn’t mean he/she is attracted to every opposite sex.   Just because a man is gay doesn’t mean he is attracted to every gay men.       

Some gay men enjoy dominant role, some enjoy submissive role, and some enjoy both dominant and submissive role.  Regardless of the roles gay men take part in relationships most do not assigned gender roles but instead there are only two men in gay relationships.

There is also a misconception that gay men live a wild lifestyle and sleep with every gay man they meet.  This is not true as most gay men desire love, commitment, and long-tem relationship before getting sexually involved with a partner. 

However, some gay men prefer short-term relationships with multiple sexual partners and this is based on individual sexual preference which has nothing to do with their sexual orientation.  The same apply to individuals who are straight as some of them get sexually involved in short-term relationships with multiple partners because they only desire pleasure and excitement.

Gay couples in long-term relationships are no different than heterosexual relationships that require commitment from both partners.  Every successful relationship are based on both partners working together towards the same goal such as compromising with each other, accepting each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and having open communications with each other.  

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