Dating Women – How To Touch A Woman On A Date

Dating women is all about fun and excitement rather than being scare and nervous.  It’s ok to be nervous during initial date but just try to relax and learn to overcome the nervousness and allow your personality to come out so she gets to know the real you.  When you date women the very first time you don’t know what she wants and you don’t know anything about her.  Below is Wygant’s method of dating and you needs to forget what you read about from other pickup artist (PUA) that says otherwise.

Just because a woman is so beautiful and you are so attracted to her, you need to avoid the idea that you have to get her as your girlfriend as this will make you more nervous because you are putting pressure on yourself.  You don’t need to be perfect and do everything right on first date so she becomes your girlfriend.  When you go on your first date just think about hanging out with her like you would hang out with your friend.  You want to get to know her by staying in the moment and let her get to know you.

Dating women for the first time or any other time should be fun and not boring.  Women likes to have fun, remember your early childhood and all the childish things you did for fun that makes you happy and excited with laughter and you didn’t care what other people think.  Dating women should be exactly that as you bring her back to her childhood memory and she will remember you for this because you are different.

Dating is about teasing, having fun, anticipation, and getting excited with each other presence.  First date can be as simple as getting together for coffee, taking walk on the beach or in the park, or engaging in activities where both of you can interact with each other.  Avoid drinking when dating as alcohol can cloud your judgment but instead be the real you and let your personality come out so she sees who you really are without being needy.

Dating women is so easy when you become a manA man knows exactly what he wants and he isn’t afraid to communicate what he wants to a woman.  A man is a leader and he do what he wants without apology and he makes other feels good around him.  A man is sure of himself and if he sees a woman he likes he talks to her, claim her, and date her without worrying about whether or not she likes him.

A man knows how to connect deeply with women right away during initial approach or out on a date.  Women are all about feelings and emotions, if you can connect with her at a deep level and if you can truly understand her feelings and emotions she will open up to you naturally without resistance and sex can be amazing.

A man doesn’t become a good lover overnight but he learns from practice.  Dating women is about practice where you learn how to connect with her and making her feel comfortable by being patience and not forcing anything on her.  A man knows how to kiss a woman and how he wants to be kiss, he knows how to turn her on and he knows what turn him on. 

You can also become good at dating and you will need to practice what you learn.  There are no special tricks or techniques that you can use to get any women every time and if you ever read about this it’s only hype.  You can visit dating coach or relationship coach to learn more about David Wygant method of dating.

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