Pickup Artist (PUA) – Pickup Vs Naturally Seducing Women

A pickup artist is a man who knows how to be successful with women.  He has the skill and knowledge to approach and talk to any women in an attempt to date and seduce her.  PUA is aware of his pickup skills and knows what he is doing as he applies the skills and knowledge to increase his chance of success with women.

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There are pickup artist community online known as the seduction community where members can use online forum to share tips and techniques on how to improve their success with women.  The seduction community is mostly dominated by men seeking information on pickup skill and knowledge.  A very few percentage of women are associated with the seduction community.

The seduction community became a pop culture after the release of the book title “The Game” in 2005 by Neil Strauss who exposed the secret society of pickup artists.  The seduction community went further mainstream in 2007 with reality TV show The Pickup Artist on VH1 cable network.

There are many reasons men desire to learn the skill of pickup artist.  Some learn the skill of PUA because of the excitement from casual encounter and only interested in multiple sexual relationships.  Some learn the skill of PUA because they are socially awkward around women and only intent to use PUA skill to find love and meet romantic partner.

The problem with PUA is the teaching required you to be someone you are notPUA teaching can be immoral because you need to insult beautiful women in order to attract her.  PUA teaching can be sexist because beautiful women are portrayed as sexual challenges that need to be conquered.  PUA teaching can be misogynist because they train you to lower the status of beautiful women to less than nothing in order to deal with rejection.

Watch The Rest Of The Video Here "7 Second Seduction"

These are the reasons why you don’t want to pickup when you can attract women naturally to youAttracting women to you naturally is much more powerful than using canned pickup lines that don’t work in all situations.  Every situation is different and that is why attracting women is so important when you stay in the present.

The method I am referring to is based on David Wygant teaching.  David Wygant is a dating coach who resides in the US and has been coaching both men and women in dating, relationships, and lifestyle for over 20 years.  Wygant teaching comes from the heart because he genuinely cares and wants you to succeed in this part of your life.

He is the only dating coach trusted by more men and women throughout the nation and his teaching have improved the lives of many people from around the world.  Wygant teaching is based on human emotion and he teaches you how to use this knowledge to attract and connect with a woman without changing your personality.  Everyone has different personality and he teaches you how to express your inner confident of the amazing person that you already are.

Wygant is simple and honest in his teaching because there is no fool proof of getting every woman every time but you will increase your success with women when you practiced what he teaches.  When you read about other pickup artists making such claim it is only for marketing purpose.

Wygant is so successful in teaching both sexes because he knows what men and women want.  He surveyed thousands of men and women across the nation and used the data he gathered to help opposite sex based on real fact.

Wygant said there is nothing wrong with learning how to meet and talk to women because women wants to meet a man who knows how to communicate and connect with her in a way most men failed to do.  You can learn more about David Wygant as dating coach by going here.

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