Dating Coach For Men & Women – How David Wygant Became Dating Expert

Dating coaches offer you dating advice on how to be successful in dating and relationships.  Attraction is important in early stages of a relationship as most relationships begin with attraction.   Dating coach teaches you how to create attraction by training you on self-confidence, communication, flirting, social skills, fashion makeover, psychology of men and women.

There are many dating experts providing dating advice and each have their own method of coaching.  How do you know which one to trust and to chose as your dating coach?  I have read many articles and blogs to find the one that most people trust and his name is David Wygant.

David Wygant intrigued me as I did more research about his life history.  The character played by Will Smith in the movie Hitch was based on David Wygant who in real life is a dating coach and makes his living teaching both men and women how to be successful in dating and relationship.  

The reason I am attracted to his teaching because he teaches you how to become a natural based on universal human nature.  Wygant explained attracting opposite sex is so simple and we made it so complicated by over analyzing what’s going to happen next.  Wygant teaches men the art of communicating with women by observing and listening.  When you listen intently to woman then you will never run out of things to talk about during conversation.

Wygant’s teaching is based on human emotion and regardless of who you are and where you live his teaching will work if you put into practice.  Wygant does not teach you pick up line but he teaches you how to be in the present so you can have amazing conversation with women naturally without changing your personality.

Wygant’s teaching help you to become the most powerful version of yourself and become the man most women wants to date because you are unique and different.  Most men who tried to pick up girls are either over confident or under confident.

Wygant’s method is not about picking up girls but he focus more on a lifestyle.  Attraction is about lifestyle and you need to focus on doing things that make you happy and interesting.  People are attracted to others who are genuinely happy and interesting.  

He teaches you to talk to everyone around you and not just pretty girls.  You become the center of attention as people noticed you and girls become attracted to you naturally.  Your intention is not picking up girls but you are focus on being in the present and communicating effectively which attract girls to you.

Wygant teaches both men and women and he is the only dating coach trusted by more men and women throughout the nation.  He has been teaching men and women for over 20 years with great passion because he genuinely loves what he do.  He has many years of experience improving the lives of people from around the world in dating and relationships based on real-life results and not just theory.  

There are other dating coaches or pick up artist (PUA) that cater only to men or women. Some of the teachings of pick up artist (PUA) are offensive to women because they focus on lowering the status of gorgeous women so the PUA can be perceived of higher value.  Wygant’s secret to success in dating and relationship is he understands how men and women think and he has been working with real-life people giving them advice that works.

Wygant offer a wide method of coaching such as weekend bootcamps, hourly phone coaching, email coaching, monthly coaching program, seminar coaching, one-on-one coaching, and online dating makeover program.

Men who need help with dating advice can visit David Wygant’s advice site for men.  Women who need help with dating advice can visit David Wygant’s advice site for women.  

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