Dating Secrets – Video Reveals The Secrets To Approaching Women Anywhere

There are no dating secrets that you can use for getting laid with any women every time.  Don’t believe everything you read on the internet it’s just hype and avoid using pickup routine because with routine you are always trying to pickup women, you are always chasing women and you don’t want to do that, but instead you want to attract women naturally to you which is much more powerful than pickup.

Based on Wygant method of dating when you see a woman you like, make a quick observation and say what’s on your mind with no fear or outcome.  You then need to stay in the moment and listen intently to what she has to say and ask questions based on what interest her.  You will know what to ask if you really listen instead of trying to come up with what to say next.

Pickup routine don’t make women feel special because they don’t connect with women.  Routine don’t work as women have heard pickup routine many times because the same routine are use every time.  When using pickup routine you are always in your head thinking of what to say next rather than being present having natural conversation.  You are not in the moment with pickup routine and you are not making connection with women.   

There are no dating secrets but if you desire to improve your dating skills you need to improve your observation and listening skills.  Many people think this is just too simple and will never work, and there has to be some dating secrets or complicated techniques they must use to become successful at dating. 

The fact is dating is really simple and easy once you practice what you learnWhen talking to women and saying exactly what’s on your mind you are being real and honest, and women pick up on that.  When you really listen and present in the moment rather than anticipating what to say next, you can connect with her and create a moment she will remember because you open up to her and don’t care whether or not she likes you.

Listening is so powerful and when you are able to connect with women you don’t have to worry about what to say next.  You need to train your mind and you need to practice to be good at dating.  The next time you read about new techniques or new dating secrets for getting laid every time with any women just knows it’s hype.

When you practice on improving your observation and listening skills you don’t have to become someone you are not but you can become the most amazing person that you already are and allow that personality to come out.  You can become the most powerful version of you that are strong and confident.  Women are attracted to men who are leader and you can lead her all the way once you connect with her. 

The real attraction is when you are vulnerable and not trying to hide that from her.  When you truly open yourself and dropping all your egos you can connect with her at a deeper level because you made her feel very comfortable.  When you are genuine about who you really are women can feel that and you cannot fake this with pickup routine.

Dating women is all about fun and excitement not boring or trying to seduce her right away.  Men get sexually aroused very quickly just by looking at porn or sexual objects.  Women are turn on by deep emotional connection that involve feelings and romance, and takes more time to get sexually aroused.   

Dating women require patient when creating emotional connection and comfort.  If you can seduce her mind she can give you amazing sex not because you use some special dating secrets or pickup routine, but because you created real emotions that made her feel so comfortable and she wants to have sex with you.  

When dating women you need to know what you want in a relationship and be able to communicate effectively with your partner.  When you don’t know what you want and unable to communicate effectively with your partner the relationship cannot be stable because you don’t understand each other.

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