Dating Etiquette – How To Date A Woman (Dating Ideas That Are Fun & Exciting)

Dating etiquette refers to social behavior, mannerism, or social interaction on your first date or several other dates.  Most men and adolescents are inexperience when it comes to dating or dating women for the very first time.  Most men have no idea how to date and are usually boring when dating women.  Many of you will make mistakes but that’s ok as long as you practice and learn from your mistakes.

So what is proper dating etiquette women desire from a date?  Based on Wygant method of dating, first date should never be expensive regardless whether or not you can afford it.  You don’t want to come across as being desperate or trying to impress women with how much money you have.

First date should always be fun and exciting, you need to plan a date and take her to places where you like to go and have fun.  First date can be as simple as getting together for drinks, coffee, walking in the park, or sharing things that you do for fun.  When you asked a woman out you always pay on the first dates. 

You do not need to spend lots of money to have fun with women on date.  This is one of the misconceptions regarding the rules of dating etiquette that you need lots of money to make women happy.  Sure there are gold diggers who are only attracted to men with lots of money and there is nothing you can do about that and you don’t want to waste your time and money dating women who is going to drain you financially sooner or later.

Most of the times you need confident to make women happyMost women desire and are attracted to confident men that are leaders who take control and lead women in dating.  To turn her on you have to play your role as a man who makes a woman feel sensual and sexual.  Dating women is about creating anticipation and building sexual tension by being in control and leading her all the way.

When you create anticipation women become intrigued and excited, and get her thinking what the date is going to be like when you leave little clues but don’t actually tell her where you would be going or what you would be doing on a date.  You are being different and in control when you create anticipation because most people don’t do this.

When you become good at dating women and understand the rules of dating etiquette you will realize foreplay begins at dating.  The more she anticipates what is like going on a date with you the more you are going to connect with her because women are all about feelings and emotions, and if can seduce her mind than you can seduce her.  Seducing women is about building sexual tension in her mind when you get her thinking and anticipating about the date.

Dating women is about creating magical moment for her which is connection.  You can create connection by listening to her and asking question about something that is passionate to her.  Being playful on a date and having fun or sharing fun stories are magical moments for her because you are connecting with her and getting her sexually turn on.             

The money you spend on dates does not attract women to you but think of it as the opportunity to have fun and to connect with your dates.  The money you spend should only be about having fun and you should not expect anything sexual because you are not buying sex from her.  You should not expect any sexual outcome from her just because you spend money on dates.

Women are attracted to and turn on by the moment you create for her and are just something money cannot buy unless you want a hooker.  Sex will come after and can be amazing once you create that magical moment for her.  When you understand the rules of dating etiquette and you practice what you learn you can become successful at dating.  You can learn more about dating and relationship by visiting dating coach and relationship coach

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