You Can't Get Sis Pregnant

By Dimeteri (Salisbury)

My friend was telling me at school that he had sex with his sister I asked if I could as well and he said NO because you cant get your sister pregnant but someone else can.

I had this great idea to calm my always hungry virgin cock.My sister was very religious and she always said her prayers were never answered.

I was speaking with her and said I knew a way that prayers can be answered, she had to let me enter her and as I went in and out she could pray and it would be really positive as she was giving herself and i was joining with her to make the prayer powerful.

It worked and one school holiday morning when mum was off to work i got into her bed and started to try and find how to get inside her i was fumbling and stabbing at nothing so she suddenly knew what to do and she took my penis and placed the tip on her vagina lips it felt good very warm and inviting.

I pushed a little and it slipped away so i repositioned it held it with my free hand and flexed my hips and the end just popped in I froze as it was so awesome then it invited me in and slowly and gingerly i allowed all of it to slowly slide in until both of our bones were touching.

It was warm soft delightful and so sexy I slowly started to ease it out then back into the warm confines, she suddenly started to pray this turned me on as she was acting the part seriously I lazily drifted in and out in and out as she droned this prayer.

Suddenly I felt that familiar feeling of my cumm getting ready to release i was captured by the sheer need to allow it to squirt inside this alladin cave i said OMG and my sister held my bum and said 'oh thanks you are joining in.

A few weeks and many sessions of the same and my sister said she was talking to a girl at school and she told her she was pregnant my sister wasn't sure what it was I went cold as I knew BUT my friend said it can't happen.

I had been shooting her up big time in the woods at the back of the shops anywhere I went straight to the bathroom and had a big time wank as it made me so hot, now we wait till mum knows she is pregnant she will NEVER think it was her sweet son...

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