Vaginal Dryness – How To Make Your Vagina Wet & Moist

Vaginal dryness. Here are all the tips on how to make your vagina wet and moist.  Let’s begin with the cause, Causes of dry vagina, How to get wetter faster, Personal lubricants for dry vagina, Natural organic lubes for dry vagina, Is coconut oil safe to use as a lubricant, Pros And Cons on personal lubricants vaginal moisturizers and vaginal creams, Foods that can prevent dry vagina.  First identify the root cause of the problem and then choose the proper method in treating the condition.  Whenever you’ve doubt or unsure about anything always seek professional help.

Causes Of Vaginal Dryness
Dry vaginas are caused by number of factors that can lead to lack of vaginal lubrication.  Dry vagina can be cause by physiological factors such as changes in hormone level, medication side effects, or it can be cause by emotional factors such as anxiety and lack of sexual desire that can lead to insufficient arousal.  The first step is to identify the root cause…Continue reading

Hot To Get Wetter Faster
Assuming you don’t suffer from physiological or emotional factors and you’re able to get wet only after you start having sex.  Women are different from men when getting fully aroused, women need more time to get sexually aroused and the amount of lubrication produce depends on how sexually aroused she is before sexual intercourse…Continue reading
Here are more on vaginal lubrication…Continue reading

Personal Lubricants For Vaginal Dryness
Every woman lubricates differently when she is turn on and the amount of lubrication produce varies between women.  The types of stimulations to get her sexually arouse also varies between women, and if you’ve spend enough time on foreplay and still find yourself dry down there, here are some personal lubricants that can make your sex very hot…(Link Removed)

Natural Organic Lubes For Vaginal Dryness
If you’re health conscious and have no desire using regular lubricant, there are natural organic lubes that can keep your vagina nicely lube and moist for more comfortable sex.  There are no preservatives or chemical in organic lubes so there is no need to worry what chemicals might pass into breast milk.  Here are some of the natural organic lubes for dry vagina…Continue reading     

Is Coconut Oil Safe To Use As A Lubricant
Jennifer Gunter, M.D., an ob-gyn at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in San Francisco says, “So far it seems safe—I haven’t had any patients report any negative side effects.”  An added bonus: Coconut oil contains natural antifungal properties so it could help reduce the risk of infections when using it…Continue reading

Personal Lubricants Vaginal Moisturizers And Vaginal Creams (Pros And Cons)
Here are the differences between personal lubricants, vaginal moisturizers and vaginal creams.  Personal lubricant is only use for sex. Vaginal moisturizer is use for keeping the vagina constantly moist.  Vaginal cream is use for soothing the vagina and build estrogen levels to thicken the vaginal tissue.  Here are the pros and cons for each…Continue reading

Foods That Can Prevent Vaginal Dryness
Eating proper diet is also very important in keeping your vagina naturally lubricated.  There are certain foods you eat contain nutrients that help restore estrogen level and produce more natural fluids keeping your vaginal tissues nicely lubricated and moist.  Here are foods that can prevent dry vagina…Continue reading

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