Vaginal Lubrication – How To Tell She’s Got A Big Vagina

Vaginal lubrication occurs during sexual arousal in which clear, slippery fluid appeared in a woman’s vagina. This lubrication is a result of vasocongestion in which the tissues surrounding the vagina engorges with blood and clear fluids seeps from the congested tissue to the inside of vaginal wall during sexual arousal.

The lubrication serves two purposes. First it enhances conception by helping to alkalinize the normal acidic vaginal chemical balance from 4.5 to 6.0 or 6.5 with sexual arousal. By improving vaginal pH level also allows sperms to travel faster and survive longer in an alkalinize environment than in acidic one.

Second, lubrication in the vagina wall enhances better thrusting and pleasure during sexual intercourse. Some women’s partner enjoy the erotic scent and taste of the lubrication during oral sex.

The amount of vaginal lubrication produce during sexual arousal may vary in the same woman at different stages of her life. During puberty most female are not likely to produce large amount of lubrication during arousal but as women get older they are more likely to experience increase vaginal lubrication during arousal because more time has gone by to allow her natural production of hormone to stimulate the glands in the vagina to produce more lubrication.

In general, women takes longer time to get sexually aroused than men and most women are not ready to have intercourse until they are sexually aroused. The amount of lubrication produce by women depends on how sexually aroused she is to prepare her for sexual intercourse. Women need more love and foreplay to get them sexually aroused and the types of stimulation to get them aroused varies between women as some prefer stimulation of the clitoris and other prefer stimulation of the vagina to get them excited.

Women taking birth control pill are also more likely to experience increase lubrication. Birth control pill consists of estrogen which is a woman’s growth hormone that is also responsible for causing such effect. Estrogen from birth control pill help increase lubrication where as taking birth control pill that consists of more progesterone than estrogen are more likely to result in vaginal dryness because progesterone causes thinning and drying of the vaginal wall.

As women get older and going through menopause they may also experience vaginal dryness because her aging body is not producing enough estrogen and many other symptoms may also arise. However, a treatment called hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can be used to treat many symptoms caused by menopause including vaginal dryness by restoring pH levels of the vagina and helps maintain vaginal and urethral tissues.

Other factors that may lead to the cause of vaginal dryness include smoking, stress, hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, vaginal infection, and prescribed medication. There are different types of lubricants on the market such as synthetic-based lubricants, water-based lubricants, or vaginal cream that can be use to improve vaginal lubrication.

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