Understanding Men – How To Understand Men’s Vulnerability And His Feelings

Understanding men and how men think can help improve your success in dating and relationships.  Dating men is a skill just like any other skills that can be learned when you practice overtime.  Everyone comes from different walk of life and have different needs and wants when it comes to dating and relationships.

Some women are shy and inexperienced with dating men and desire to take it slowSome women like to take it slow because they desire love and romance first before intimacy.  Some women may preferred intimacy right away and are more open sexually because they only desire pleasure and excitement in a relationship.

To become successful at dating men and to achieve the relationship you desire it all comes down to practice and proactive in your dating and understanding men.  Based on Wygant teaching when dating men there is no mind game or trick that you can use to manipulate men to fall for you but instead focus on becoming the best person you can be and become proactive in meeting and dating many men to find your mate or the relationship you desire.

There is no such thing as perfect relationship because nobody is perfect.  You don’t need to be perfect when dating men or understanding men and it is ok to make mistake but learn from your mistake.  If you are single because you are looking for the perfect mate, unfortunately there is no perfect mate and everyone has flaws.

There is no special technique or trick to attract the men you truly want but get yourself out there and become aware of your surrounding and observation.  This is Wygant method of teaching for both men and women to attract opposite sex.  Wygant teaches us to live in the moment and to be present in the moment when you want to attract opposite sex. 

When you meet a man that you like it is ok to make the first move and there is nothing wrong with thatSociety has led you to believe that men should always make the first move.  Understanding men and dating men proactively can help improve your success in dating as you become aware how men think when it comes to sex and relationships.

Men can get aroused easily and quickly from watching porn or naked bodies and women do not feel the same way.  Women unlike men are emotional and needs lot of foreplay to get sexually aroused.  In a sexual fantasy men tend to focus on physical sex act and sexual gratification to get turn on.  Women tend to focus on the emotions and romance involved in a relationship to get sexually turn on.

Men and women do not communicate the same way.  Based on Wygant teaching men speak in sentence and direct to the point, and men say exactly what they mean and mean what they say.  Women speak in paragraph and in details that gets deeper into the conversation.  Women tend to speak intellectually and are better at conversation than men.  

Women are emotional and desire men to express more emotion in relationshipMen do express emotion but in their own way.  Men do not speak like women so when they express emotion women don’t noticed most of the time because women are used to speaking intellectually in paragraph rather than sentence.  Sometime men express emotion by the things they do for you but you don’t noticed because you want him to express it directly to you.

Men gets nervous as much as women during initial approach.  If you are interested in a man you have to play your part to show your interest and become aware of your body language that says otherwise.  If you are nervous try to maintain eye contact every now and then, and smile to show your interest.  When talking to a man avoid having your arm folded or fidgeting as there are indicators of disinterest.

Understanding men is the skill you can learn overtime with practice.  Once you understand how men think you can become good at dating men.  There is no trick to getting men fall for you but the more you practice the more knowledge and skills you can acquired to your advantage.

David Wygant is a successful dating coach, relationship coach, and lifestyle coach teaching both men and women for over 20 years across the nation and around the world with real-life successful results.

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