The Ghost Of My Dad

By Null

My father was a farmer and his sudden death triggered many things in my life. I was his only son so the responsibility to look after the farm and the house fell upon me. I was 20 and had some experience of working with dad so I was able to take control of farm which by the way was mine now. Next thing to worry me was my mother who was not my real mom.

My father married my step mom when I was 8 and she was 20. This meant she was a widow at 32. As she had no children of her own and no close relative to help, she wanted to stay with me. She was kind to me so I had no objection. Frankly she was taking care of the house and I wanted her to continue. Things started to settle until I saw a change in my step mom.

For a month or so she kept weeping and sobbing then she transformed herself altogether. She stopped wearing white and started wearing colored cloths. She even wore bangles, and polished her nails. The reason she gave to the world was that ghost of her dead husband visits her and asks her to live as she used to live in his life or he will do harm. 

As village people were very superstitious, they believed her. I saw her telling some elderly women about some unusual thing taking place in her life. I was perhaps the only one who was not believing her. Her attitude to me changed dramatically. She was always very caring but suddenly she started paying a attention to me which was not motherly.

Whenever I left or entered the house she hugged me long and tight. She even kissed me on forehead and neck. She never complained when I carried on an erection. Inside the house she stopped wearing a bra and shape of her boobs can be seen through her blouses. One day when I went to the shower, she came inside with a bucket of warm water.

She said that water is cold so I should mix it. I was already naked so I hoped that she will go out. But she said she want to help me like old times. As I soaped my body she threw water with a mug on me. She moved a lot in throwing water so I saw that she too became wet. After getting wet her already thin blouse was showing her boobs in full glory as she was not wearing a bra. Was she trying to seduce me. The thought gave me an erection that was difficult to hide. Somehow I convinced her to go out as I can dry and change myself.

On another day when we were discussing some farm matters she confessed that she feels very lonely and neglected and wants a little more attention from me. I assured her that I will give her more attention by cutting my meetings with my friends. Next day I was in my room and it was evening. I heard her scream from outside. I came out and saw her sitting on her ass in the yard. I helped her up and asked, "What happened".

" I was going to my room when some unseen force pushed me back" she said

"That's very strange" I said then remembered her stories about ghosts. I asked her how I can help her. She told me to rub her ass as it hurt. She put her arms around my neck and asked me to squeeze and rub it. I rubbed and managed to feel her ass a couple of times. I became hard but she made no complaint. I was squeezing her hips pulling her body to me so I could rub my cock against her. She was moaning and rubbing her tits against my chest. All of a sudden she pushed me back and said she feel much better. She thanked me and went away. We used to eat and watch TV together but were sleeping in different bedrooms. One night when I was in my bed I heard a knock on my door. It was not bolted so I asked her to come inside.

"You awake?” she asked.

I felt her weight settle onto the bed next to me in dark and asked, “Yeah mom, everything okay?”

“No, not at all" she said

Feeling concerned I sat up and turned on the lamp over my side table. In light I saw she was wearing only a petticoat and a low cut blouse and there was no bra visible under it. I could see not just the top, but the inner halves of her large creamy breasts. In place of a mangle sutra she was wearing a golden necklace with a red stone. Her long black hair, which she usually wore in a clip was down on her shoulders. I can smell a scent and see that her lips were painted red. She’d done her eyelashes in black mascara. My step-Mom wasn’t chubby, but not slender either, so her thighs were visible too in a tight petticoat. A look at her made me aroused.

"Your father visited me tonight and asked me to wear all this. He asked me to meet you" she spoke in a husky voice.

I though for a second and said, "Come on mom. You saw him in a dream, and a dream is not reality"
"You may be right but I feel scary." She said.

Mom drew her legs up onto my bed and knelt next to me. As her cleavage came close I tried to look away. Either she was drinking the wine left by father or loosing her mind. I had no idea but I wanted her to go back.

"Mom, you need to get off my….”

"No son I want to hold me until I calm down."

“W…what?” I almost cried and sat up. “You’re drunk or on some drug?"

Mom pushed me back against the pillows and let her body fall next to mine.

"Please .... I need your attention. Your dad advised me to come here." She said

She took me in her arms and hugged me. Her breasts were pressing into my chest and her nipples were poking me through the blouse. My heart started beating fast and ... my cock became rock hard beneath the sheet. I had no option but to gather her in my arms. She kissed me on my neck and a shiver ran through my body.

“Hmm, that feels good,” her hot breath in my ear caused my cock to twitch.

My hands were now moving up and down her back, sliding over the blouse and her bare lower back and shoulders. Her skin felt very warm and soft. I never felt that excited before. I pulled the zip of her blouse down and she just said nothing. When she flicked her tongue across my ear lobe I took her blouse off. Before I could look down to her breasts, she took my face in her hands and kissed me on lips. She kissed me softly and on reflex I kissed her back. As our lips pressed hard against each other, my hands slid down her back. I loosened her petticoat and let a hand of mine touch her bare ass. She pulled her body a little away and took one of her bare breast in her hands.

"Would you like to suck them like a baby?" She whispered

I took her long red nipple in my mouth and sucked. She moaned and shoved her tit deeper into my mouth. Like a hungry child I switched to her other nipple, while sliding my hands beneath and cupping her breasts. They were soft, yet firm, and I was amazed at how heavy they were.

Suddenly she swung herself off and pulled the sheet off of me. I was wearing a dhoti but my cock was very much visible. She pulled the knot of dhoti off too. Now I was as exposed as she.

"Oh, look at how very hard you are for your mother" She took my cock in her hand.

"Oh, fuck,” I sighed as her hand glided along my hard cock. Her tits were heaving and her face was flushed with excitement.

"You know what! I can still hear the voice of your dad. He is the one who is guiding me." She said

She turned a little and took my cock in her mouth. I was not in a position to argue her about the ghost of my father. I moaned as she bobbed her head in my lap. Some of her hair fell on her face so I pulled them back. Her soft red coated lips slid along my shaft, and her wet tongue flicked around the head of my cock. Her tits were heaving and her brown eyes were wide with lust. I leaned back against the pillows, moaning and let the pleasure take over me. When she cupped my balls in her hands and stroked them, my hips jerked.

I don't want to sit inactive so I slid a hand through her long dark hair down to her soft smooth back. She was nude so I started l stroking her ass and cupping her ass-cheeks before giving her a sharp little slap. My step-mom was gagging and drooling and I could feel her spit sliding down my rod and dripping onto my balls.

She was bobbing her head violently, as if her lust had driven her to the point. she was attacking my cock as much as sucking it. Her face was red and her eyes watering from pounding my cock down her throat. I let my hand move further and touch her pussy lips. I pushed one finger in her and rubbed slowly. One thing that amazed me was that despite the feeling to blow my load anytime, I was holding on. In a couple of minutes my respectful mom became a slut for me. I inserted two fingers in her and heard her moan loud.

Then my cock started to erupt. I could feel the long spurts shooting into her mouth. Just as I had never felt this hard, I was coming more than ever before. My cum was oozing from her mouth and when she pulled her mouth back cum splashed on her face too. I slumped back against the bed, gasping. As Mom stared at me, I saw her face dripping with cum. It was all over her hands and chest. She was breathing as hard. 

I thought she might leave me but she just look to a side and said, "As you wish". I looked to that side but saw nothing. Then what she did was beyond my wildest imagination. She sat up and without bothering to wipe the cum from her face and tits, swung her leg over my thighs and drove down onto my semi hard cock. I groaned as she bounced hard and fast on my cock, riding me like a experienced slut. My cock took no time to become hard again. I wrapped on arm around her and sucked her left tit.

“How’s it feel? Tell me How’s it feel to be inside my hot fucking cunt?”

“So fucking good,” I told her around her nipple. “I never thought that sex can be this good"

“Do You like me more as a mom or as a wife?”

"If you will be a wife, I will feel lucky" I repeated and jerked up and down.

"Say I will always love you like a Husband"

I repeated that and it pleased her. She turned and went under me. Her pussy tightened around my cock and she wrapped her legs around my waist, drawing me deeper inside her.

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